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  • 7502 2nd Street

    Burnaby, BC, V3N 3R5

    Phone: 604-664-8819

    Fax: 604-664-8818



    March 2, 2016

    Principal: Mr. Mark Harding

    Head Teacher: Ms. Barbara Henderson

    Coordinator: Ms. Vicky Malito

    At Second Street Community School, we are committed to be a respectful,

    joyful, and safe learning environment where we all strive to be our best.

    March is Internet Safety Month

    At school we regularly engage students in discussions about responsible and ethical online use of

    technology. Our code of conduct and behavioral expectations also extend to the virtual world of the

    internet. We invite you to work with us in spreading the message to your children about staying safe and

    appropriate while using the internet and social media. Many students regularly bring electronic games, as

    well as iPods, MP3 players and telephones to school. Recently we are experiencing ongoing issues with

    cellphones that include texting, calling and taking photos/videos while at school. We would like to remind

    all families that we request that students NOT bring any electronic equipment to school. If brought to

    school, cell phones are not to be used during school hours.

    We realize that students sometimes need their telephone to contact parents at the end of the day (not

    during the school day). This is, of course, a safety consideration. There is a telephone available in the office

    for student use with a telephone pass from their teacher. We thank you for your assistance and

    cooperation with these issues.

    Talk with your family.

    When teaching your children about social media, please consider these questions:

    What images might be ok to post? What might not? How will children deal with images that are

    posted by friends? How can a family empower children with knowledge to make wise and safe


    Know the Facts.

    Instagram (or Finstagram, Rinstagram) is an online mobile photo, video and social networking service that

    allows public or private sharing on the app, as well as through other social networking platforms, such as

    Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr. Questions to think about:

    How is using this connected to instant feedback?

    What might be potential risks using this app?

    Relationships are the most important factor in keeping communication lines open between yourself and

    your child. Please continue to find time to have ongoing discussions about digitial citizenship and safe use

    of techonolgy and social media with your child (it’s never too early). Click here for Tips on Internet Safety:


    On February 24th Manveen Cheema and Cecily Sheehan-Klassen represented 2nd Street Community

    School at the Burnaby District Public Speaking Challenge in the Zonal Finals at Armstrong Elementary. All of

    us at 2nd Street are extremely proud of both finalists.


    Grade 2 and 3 students will be participating in Primary days of Music on

    Monday, March 7th from 1:00-2:00 at Gilmore Elementary School. Students

    will be leaving 2nd Street by bus at 12:30 and returning by 3:00 pm for this

    fun district event.


    Come join Mr. Harding, Ms. Malito, Ms. Henderson, parents and other community members at our next

    Community Council meeting on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at 6:30pm in the Community Room.


    Our next spirit day is on Friday, March 11th – wear green to show your school spirit for

    St. Patrick’s Day. Be prepared for a Shamrock hunt!


    Don’t forget to change your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 13th in the morning!!!


    After school programs are a wonderful way for your child to get involved. They provide children with

    important socializing time with peers, foster self- esteem and confidence, and are just “good old fashioned

    fun!!”. Flyer and registration forms for Spring Programs can be found on our school website Please visit the Community Office of see Ms.

    Friedrich for more information.


    Spring Break takes place from March 14th through to March 25th and due to Easter Monday falling on

    Monday, March 28th, students are back in school on Tuesday, March 29th. Have a wonderful break!!


    Congratulations to the following students who have completed 25 nights of reading:

    Agumpreet – div. 5

    Congratulations to the following students who have completed 50 nights of reading:

    Gabrielle – div. 5 Mya – div. 7 Ishaan – div. 11

    Congratulations to the following students who have completed 75 nights of reading:

    Mya – div. 7

    Marcus – div. 8

    Katerina – div. 8

    Sam – div. 14

    Congratulations to the following students who have completed 100 nights of reading:

    Araz – div. 7

    Leo – div. 8

    Maya – div. 9

    Brandon – div. 11

    Lawrence – div. 11

    Hannah – div. 12

    Congratulations to the following students who have completed 125 nights of reading:

    Hannah – div. 12


    1. If you have any changes to your child’s information (address, home phone, email, cell, your work

    number or emergency contact changes) please let the school office know as soon as possible. This

    information is critical if the school needs to contact you in an emergency. You can send this information

    via a note with your child. If your address has changed then we will need a document to copy for your

    child(ren)’s school files. These documents could be a phone bill, hydro bill, electric bill, rental or purchase

    agreement, driver’s license with current address.

    2. If your child is going to be absent due to illness, has a medical appointment, vacation etc., please call

    the school before 9:00 a.m. 604.664.8819. You are able to leave a voice message if the school office is

    closed or if Ms. Sanders is busy and can’t answer the telephone. Please be sure to state your child’s name,

    teacher and reason for absence. If your child arrives late, please have them check in at the office before

    going to class. Please call the school office and not email the classroom teacher.

    3. There are many items in the LOST and FOUND! Please check for any items that your child may have lost.

    Small items such as jewellry, glasses or keys are in the office. Lost & Found items will be placed on display

    in the hallway outside the gym door March 10th to March 11th. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

  • JEANS DAY – Thursday, April 28th - On Jeans Day we will be wearing jeans for BC’s kids!

    The Jeans Day buttons will be here again. Mark your calendar: On April 28, 2016,

    thousands of people across British Columbia and the Yukon will participate in one of the

    easiest and most fun fundraisers ever - Jeans Day!!

    What is Jeans Day? Jeans Day is the ONE day of the year when WEARING YOUR JEANS will

    raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital. Special buttons are purchased that entitle you to the

    “right” to wear jeans for the day.

    Where does the money go? All the funds raised will go directly to the BC Children’s Hospital

    to provide the treatment and special care that ill or injured children require.

    What’s the cost? Second Street will be selling the buttons for $5.00 each. Please watch out for the forms to

    come home in April.


    Do you have boxes full of documents, photos, credit cards that you

    need to dispose of? Watch your items be shredded and recycled in

    seconds when 1-800-SHREDDING comes on site while helping raise

    funds for 2nd Street’s Earthquake Preparedness equipment. There is

    no need to remove the paperclips, staples or even take items out of

    the binders!! Don’t miss out on this upcoming opportunity, it’s only a

    donation of $5 per bankers box.


    Community Office

    Vicky Malito

    Community School Coordinator

    In the office on:

    Monday, Wednesday – Friday

    Hours vary weekly – please check her

    schedule with Penny

    Penny Hamulas

    Office Assistant

    In the office from:

    Monday – Thursday

    8:00am – 2:30pm

    The Burnaby School District invites applications for the following

    casual, on-call positions:


    Student Supervisors provide support for students during the

    lunch break, ensuring student safety in and around our schools


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