mapping. continents there are 7 continents: north america south america europe asia africa australia...

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ContinentsThere are 7 Continents:North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAsiaAfricaAustralia Antarctica 2

OceansThere are 5 oceans:Atlantic PacificArcticIndianSouthern


Compass Directions4




8Please Select a New Seat.9Warm-UpWe will now have daily warm-ups. Keep them together. You will turn them in every Friday.How many oceans are there?

How many continents are there?

Name the four hemispheres.

After youve formed a hypothesis, what is the next step in the scientific method?



Latitude: Divides N & SRuns (drawn) E & W

Reference Line:EQUATOR 0 N & S or 0 Latitude


Longitude:Divides E & WRuns (drawn) N&S

Reference Line:Prime Meridian 0 E & W or 0 Longitude 13It's a LONG way from North Pole to South Pole for LONGitudes.I'm climbing the LADDER OF LATITUDES

LONG WAY14Plotting Latitude and LongitudeLatitude is 1st and is always N or SLongitude is 2nd and is always E or W

State Capitol Building 35.78027N, 78.63910W

15Finding the CoordinatesWhen locating coordinates, always look at the location of the latitude first. After you have found that number, then proceed on to find the longitude.

1st2nd16Steps to plotting latitude and longitudeFind latitude degrees. Is it north or south from the 0 degree mark (equator)?Find longitude degrees. Is it east or west from the 0 degree mark (Prime Meridian)?

17East West, North South on the EarthThe N tells us were north of the Equator. The S tells us were south of the Equator.The E tells us that were east of the Prime Meridian. The W tells us that were west of the Prime Meridian.

(N, W)(N, E)(S, W)(S, E)East West, North South on the EarthThat means all points in North America will have a North latitude and a West longitude because it is North of the Equator and West of the Prime Meridian.

(N, W)Prime MeridianEast West, North South on the EarthWhat would be the latitude and longitude directions in Australia?

Prime Meridian?If you said South and East , youre right!

Sanderson Highschool 35.85951N, 78.64829WStatue of Liberty 40.689195N, 74.044566WHollywood Sign 34.122055N, 118.293596WNairobi (Capital of Kenya) 1.29237S, 36.82201EBeirut (Capital ofLebanon) 33.888586N, 35.495471E21


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