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Map of Earth Quake Area Cheng du Wenchuan Beichuan Slide 2 - Slide 3 Different Ways to Approach Natural of the organization / Our approach Area visited Contact info. Provide aid to Donation Preferred Government: Government officer of Mianyang City Chen Jiaba Village, Bei Chuan County, Mian Yang City Bei Chuan Area - Cash Nongovernmen tal organization, initiated by the volunteers:, China volunteer union (not a legal entity) Cao Po Town, Wen Chuan County, cn/gaard Contact language: Chinese 130 231 31706( )/132 281 667 68( ) Areas which can not be well taken cared by government due to tough location e.g. YuLi and Cao Po town in Wenchuan where take more than 11-hour-driving for a single trip - Cash - Any living- necessary material (food, clothes, medicine etc. second hand stuff acceptable) - Service ( warehouse, transportation etc) Slide 4 We were there Location/Transportation/condit ions of road / Profile Chen Jiaba Village, Bei Chuan County 120Km from Chengdu/ 4 6 hours driving from Chengdu/normal 120 4 6, >8000 displaced person 8000 Cao Po Town, Wen Chuan County, 100Km from Cheng Du/3 6 hours driving from Chengdu /serious traffic jam, one way control (one day in, next day out) 100 3 6 >4000 displaced person 4000-5000 Slide 5 Chen Jiaba Buried more than 50 families 50 Rebuilding Slide 6 Cao Po Town Before Slide 7 Now Slide 8 Physiognomy & General Situation Slide 9 Physiognomy & General Situation (contd) - Used to be a road and houses alone the road Slide 10 Current transportation situation Broken bridge Following floods & landslides Only way to bring relief material in one way control Slide 11 DPs HOUSE Slide 12 Problems Problem Tough road condition Not too much people and not concentrated, Not sufficient media report Result Not easy to catch peoples eye Not well taken cared by government Slide 13 China Volunteers Union Slide 14 Profile of the Key Members Mr. Ma Junfeng/Shanghai Business man Date of arrive: Jun 2008,6 Function: Main contact of the organization Mr. Dai/Jiangxi/had served the army in Tibet for 3 years 3, Date of arrive: end of May 2008 Mr. He/ Chongqing/Mr. Qin / IT men IT Date of arrive: end of May 2008 Slide 15 Tough living condition Chengdu Max 7 people share 40 sm room 40 7 Earth quake center, stay in the tent,, Slide 16 Distribute the relief material Slide 17 Chen Jiaba Areas frequently reported by media or with convenient transportation Lei Gu Town, Bei Chuan County / Slide 18 DPs HOUSE, still struggling even for food , Areas far away from the high way and media Slide 19 To get water.. Slide 20 Conclusion Area which frequently reported by media is in well reconstruction Area with far location or tough transportation condition but not reported by media is the area need most help,,, Schools has sufficient aid and funds Slide 21 Recommendation Provide aid to the DP who need the help most Find out a reliable channel to distribute the relief material Develop the volunteer organization itself, Aid is not limited to cash, could be more, ! Slide 22 2008 11 28 Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28