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    CCD S���� S ���� CCD S���� S ���� CCD S���� S ���� SPRING 2015

    during her time abroad in London, specifically communication &

    presentation skills, and business management & marketing

    reporting concepts. Kaylin connected with through

    the Center for Career Development’s (CCD) Job & Internship

    Database while abroad & interned in Client Services this Spring.

    In addition to her studies & time with, Kaylin

    interned with Inspiria Media, Chic City Life & Plitz’s Fashion

    Marketing while working for the CCD as an Office Assistant & as

    a CCD Street Team Member. Kaylin also created & writes The

    Intern Diaries, a blog offering advice about #internprobs, that

    can be found at

    As we say goodbye to

    the Class of 2015 we

    look forward to

    seeing where some of

    our graduates are


    K� !�� K"���� `15

    Kaylin Kerina is a

    Communication Stud-

    ies major and Marketing minor. This summer

    Kaylin will take her position as Client Support

    Specialist for the National Accounts Team at in Stamford, CT. Kaylin will work

    with clients with large ($10,000+) budgets man-

    aging their recruitment campaigns. To com-

    plete her assignments developing reports &

    presenting on the clients’ ROI, Kaylin applies

    skills she learned at Manhattanville as well as

    O% &%" P!�'"( Y* ’!! G*!

    J"����" S&�*&%"� `15

    Digital Media Production major Jeanine Strother

    will be returning to her home town of Ocala,

    Florida after graduation to further develop her

    business, Lady Strother Productions, which

    provides photography, videography, graphic

    design and splash screen work to a variety of

    clients. Her most recent project was filming

    Nonprofit Networking Night, hosted by the

    Center for Career Development.

    N"�.���/� P����.�� `15

    Nendir Parradang is an International

    Studies major with a double minor in

    Creative & Professional Writing and

    French. In the Fall she is headed to

    NYU for graduate school. Nendir

    was accepted into St. John’s,

    Northeastern University & the New

    School but decided on NYU’s

    Master of Arts program in

    International Relations because it is the most comprehensive

    program related to her interests. Nendir hopes to become a

    diplomat for the Nigerian Consulate and a political writer. She

    decided to attend graduate school directly after Manhattan-

    ville to build on the momentum of being a student so that she

    can continue to immerse herself in international studies. When

    asked what helped her gain acceptance to so many graduate

    programs, she said she “has a strong feeling that working with

    the International Relations Department here at Manhattan-

    ville, speaking a foreign language, her internship with the UN

    Office Of Drugs & Crime in Nigeria, as well as her writing minor

    all helped her candidacy.” Her advice for students considering

    grad school: “Be sure about what you want to study,

    look closely at schools and don’t be afraid to call those

    schools and ask specific questions, and start your

    search early!”

    N"�.�� P����.��

    K� !�� K"���� `15

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    M1�!!" A! ���: W%"�" A�" T%" N*/?

    At the CCD we are always interest-

    ed in connecting with our alumni to

    see what they are up to and we

    thought you would be too! We

    recently caught up with a bunch of

    alumni at Morgan Stanley located

    right here in Purchase, NY. From

    left to right, Dominique Cime

    (Human Resources), Mercedes

    Alvarez (Human Resources), Gabby

    Barnes (Risk Management), Gina

    Wingerter (Vice President, Human

    Resources), Saundra Maglionico

    S���� I�&"��(%�� H� %!� %&(

    70 students completed credit-bearing

    internships this spring. Noteworthy

    internships included Doctors Without

    Borders (Valeria Ricciulli `15), Elvis

    Duran & the Morning Show (Lisa

    Colten `16), HOT97 (Kateri Fischer

    `15), Jazz at Lincoln Center (Emily

    Carriero `15), Madison Square

    Garden (Thomas Kilkenny `15),

    Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (Mandisa Brudey

    `15), New York Supreme Court (Camila Flores `15), Sirius XM

    Radio (Jhonny Urgiles `15), Sony Music Entertainment


    CCD S���� S ����

    (Human Resources), Laurie Telesco

    (Vice President, Human Resources),

    Maria DePalo-Ploger (Human

    Resources), Lauren Ziadie (Assistant

    Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion)

    & Pritha Rajouria (Risk


    (Khadijah Davis `16), Golightly Media (Violet Foulk

    `16, pictured) & Permanent Missions to the United

    Nations (Santiago Mancheno `15, Gabriela Marquez

    Gonzalez `16, Alejandra Sandoval `15). Five

    students interned with Westchester Magazine

    this semester, three of whom published articles on covering news,

    wellness, holidays, food & dining. Congrats to

    Catherine Brady `16, Amanda Cirocco `17, and

    Gabrielle van Welie `16 on their publications, and to

    all of our Spring 2015 interns on their various

    contributions and accomplishments!

    M�(&"�C��. S'%*!��(%�� W���"�!


    Louis ‘16 was


    selected to

    receive the Manhattanville--

    MasterCard BRG Scholarship ($5,000)

    for the 2015-2016 academic year. This

    scholarship includes a Summer

    internship where Roselande will gain

    valuable experience in MasterCard’s

    Global Diversity Office.

    M1�!!" A! ��� �& M*� �� S&��!"

    V�*!"& F* !P `16

    S& ."�& E��!* "" *S &%" Y"�� A/��.

    Each year a student employee is presented with the


    CCD. This award is a special recognition given to a

    student employee with outstanding work perfor-

    mance, a positive attitude, and a strong track record at

    one or more jobs. This year the CCD received 12

    nominations submitted by department supervisors

    acknowledging the remarkable work of their student

    employees. The following students were nominated:

    Iris Chadwick, Samyan Chand, Jesenya

    Deleon, Molly Fishback, Jacob

    Goldenberg, Amber Harris, Natcha

    Rummaneethorn, Abhilasha Thapa, Nha

    Truong, Alexandra Montalbano, Samantha Pitta and

    Alexis Ricciardella. CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s

    winner IRIS CHADWICK who works in the Office of

    Institutional Advancement and to all of our


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    CCD S���� S ���� CCD S���� S ���� CCD S���� S ����

    continued their Employer Sponsorship for the 2014-

    2015 academic year. This partnership has contributed to

    the CCD’s mission to engage our students in activities

    that promote self-discovery and exposure to career

    paths. In addition to their on-campus involvement,

    Enterprise sponsored our Learn How

    to Network to Get Work event in the

    Spring and participated in our Job &

    Internship Fair. As one of our 4 presenters for our LIFE

    After Mville pilot in April, Enterprise continues to en-

    gage in new initiatives at Manhattanville College.

    Future collaborations with Enterprise along with

    internships & job opportunities for our students make

    them our model for future Employer Sponsorships.

    E�&"����("- E��!* "� S�*�(*�

    Enterprise Holdings is the largest car rental compa-

    ny in the world as measured by revenue, fleet, and

    employees. The company’s annual revenue also plac-

    es it near the top of the travel in-

    dustry, exceeding all other

    rental car companies, and most

    airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour

    operators and online travel agencies. Their

    Management Internships & Post-grad Management

    Trainee Program have allowed our students interest-

    ed in Business Management to gain hands-on

    industry experience while learning from top-ranking

    leadership. Enterprise Holdings, LLC has graciously

    This semester included a

    variety of on and off cam-

    pus employer events.

    February began with the




    followed by


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