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  • MANAGING YOUR MINDJuly 11, 2009

  • MANAGING YOUR BRAINJuly 11, 2009

  • Your Brain - Your Life

  • You are the Master

  • left sideGood at remembering namesUses few gestures when communicatingLogical thinkerPunctualListens to the meaning of wordsMore verbal

  • right sideGood at remembering facesUses a lot of gestures when communicatingResponds to emotionOften late for appointmentsListens to how something is said rather than what is being saidMore visual

  • Crazy Brain Facts

    Your brain itself feels no pain because there are no nerves in your brain that can register pain.Your brain weighs around 3 pounds or approximately 1.4 kgThe average sized brain has around 100 billion neurons. A neuron is a cell that is designed to transmit informationEvery time you learn something new, your brain makes new connections and you can continue to make new connections throughout your entire life

  • Crazy Brain Facts

    Although you lose some neurons every day, this amounts to very little in comparison to the number of neurons in your brain. Also, recent research has shown that the brain can and does produce new neurons in response to stimulationWhen you are stressed, angry or feeling hostile, your brain releases a chemical known as Cortisol which inhibits learning so to learn effectively you need a stress free environmentMusic can synchronise your brain waves, improve your mood and help you to learn more efficientlyYour brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and uses around 20% of all the oxygen you breathe. If the brain is deprived of oxygen for 10 minutes, the brain will suffer damage.

  • Crazy Brain Facts

    It takes only 8 to 10 seconds to lose consciousness if the blood supply to the brain is cut offUsing brain imaging data, it is possible to tell whether a person is thinking about a face or a place.Your brain is composed mostly of fat and needs the right kind of fat as fuel so that it can function efficiently. This is why oily fish or fish oil containing Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is so important in the diet; your brain needs it but cannot produce it.

  • baby brain facts

    Each person has about the same number of brain cells at birth as in adulthood, but those cells grow, reaching maximum size at about age six.A newborns brain triples its size in the first year of life (no wonder babies have such big heads!).The sense of touch is the first sense to develop in a fetus, with the lips and cheeks experiencing this sensation at eight weeks.Keep exercising your brain, because mental activity stimulates the creation of new neurons throughout your whole life.

  • Our BrainsNerves play crucial and varied roles in your brain. Scientists can see this using MRI scans

  • Our BrainsMRI scans have taught us much about the brain, including how our sense of altruism works

  • Our BrainsShown here are the areas of your brain that react to different stimuli -- your brain even perks up when you use swear words.

  • Our BrainsFear is the brain's reaction to a stimulus where chemicals are released that raise the heart rate.

  • Our BrainsDrugs are highly addictive and have many effects on the brain

  • Take Care of Your BrainsWith optimal brain function you will be able to remember all sorts of technical details, troubleshoot problems faster, come up with creative approaches to tough technical challenges, and help you manage the stressful life a student can have. You need to remember to take care of your brain to optimize your performance.

  • Four Pillars of Brain HealthMentalStimulationPhysical FitnessGoodNutritionManageStress

  • Rest that BrainGetting a good night's rest may also help your subconscious solve problems while you are dreaming.

  • Feed that BrainUnlike muscle fibers, your brain cells cannot store glucose. To give your brain a constant supply of glucose you must consume complex carbohydrates. When blood sugar levels are low there is an increase in serotonin and adenosine which cause fatigue and decrease dopamine. Higher dopamine levels contribute to increased concentration and focus.A banana or a rice based snack (lemper) can do amazing wonders! Carbohydrates make up the foundation of the food pyramid.

  • Water that BrainThe human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Water is essential to life and continued health. I think that most humans do not drink enough water each day to keep their internal systems well lubricated. If you don't drink enough water then your essential organs will pull water from other parts of your body in order to function causing other problems. If you drink the right amount of water daily that all your bodily systems operate better and that includes your brain.

  • VitaminsThere are several vitamins that can boost your brain waves. Vitamin-C is said to make a big improvement on memory. Orange (1=70 mg)Grapefruit (1=88 mg)Red Pepper raw (1=226 mg)Mango (1=60 mg)Kiwi (1=74 mg)Broccoli raw (1/2 cup=93 mg)

  • VitaminsB-complex vitamins can help with mood and reducing stress.Nasi/ kacang hijau/ kentang/ ikan, tempeh/hati, sayur hijau/daging/ jamur/telur, susu, ayam

  • VitaminsYour brain sheath is made up of fats and it has been shown that omega-3 fatty acids improve brain cell communication. Eat good fats found in fish, nuts and olive oil

  • Increase Blood FlowThe brain uses about half of your body's total supply of oxygen in your blood. If you can improve your ability to get oxygen into your bloodstream then you have directly improved your brain's function. Through exercise, taking vitamins and antioxidants you will lose fewer brain cells over time and be smarter for longer.

  • Visit friends/familyStudies have shown that remaining socially active is very important in reducing your chances of dementia.

  • Teka Teki EverydayExercise your brain and maintain cognitive function by doing puzzles and brain teasers everyday

  • ReadRead the newspaper, a magazine, books, and online material to keep your brain sharp and to challenge yourself to learn new words and information.

  • Dont StressStress affects memory and can also cause tension headaches, so remember to relax and unwind.

  • Do something newWhether its learning a phrase a day in a foreign language, jumping out of a plane or reading a different kind of article in the newspaper, challenge your brain to explore a new topic.

  • Create ChangeEven small changes in your daily routine will help you stay sharp and introduce you to new elements and variables while you shop, garden, take a walk, or call a friend.

  • BRAIN CHALLENGESOur brains work for us . But brains are smart

  • Trick #1I'd be happier if I just had less to doOur minds often try to trick us into thinking we'd be happier if we didn't have to work. We imagine a life of leisure and deceive ourselves into thinking this kind of lifestyle would make us happy. However, the truth is that idleness often leads to boredom and depression. We are industrious, creative beings. We need challenge and accomplishment to be happy. Get up and invest yourself into something significant and you will find that your happiness factor will rise!

  • Trick #2It's not me, it's youMany times our minds lead us to believe we are unhappy in class due to our teacher, parents or some other person in our lives. We throw blame around like food in a middle school cafeteria. Of course, it takes two to tango. Generally, we are as much, if not more, to blame than others in our lives. We need to accept responsibility for our situation and do our part to make the best of it. Taking personal responsibility for our actions is the beginning of true happiness.

  • Trick #3I just need to discover the secret to success to be happyThere are no "secrets" to happiness or success. As much as authors, publishers and our own minds would like to convince us that shortcuts exist, they do not. Living a successful life is pretty simple. You create a vision for the future, formulate a strategy and then work hard to achieve it. There are no shortcuts or secrets to this formula. Accepting this will get you much further down the path to happiness than anything else.

  • Trick #4If I just had...Our minds deceive us into thinking we'll be happy when we get the right job or more money or more luck. There is nothing wrong with wanting better things or circumstances, but these do not automatically make us happy. It is the journey that makes us happy.

  • Trick #5I like things just the way they are and never want them to changeBelieving this is just letting yourself be set up for a fall. Life is a journey of constant change. Some of which we control and some we don't. Resisting change or trying to control the change out of life is self-defeating. It will drain you and rob you of your happiness. Change is inevitable.

  • Trick #6If it hasn't happened yet for me, it never willOur minds often get discouraged and disillusioned when success is just around the corner for us. Colonel Sanders didn't start franchising his KFC restaurants until he was 65, forty years after he started serving chicken at his service station. Perseverance is very important in achieving happiness. Never let your mind trick you into giving up. You don't know what tomorrow holds. One more day may be all it will take to realize your dream!

  • Trick #6If it hasn't happened yet for me, it never will

  • If it hasn't happened yet for me, it never willOur minds often get discouraged and disillusioned when success is just around the corner for us. Colonel Sanders didn't start franchising his KFC restaurants until he was 65, forty years after