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  • Managing Menopausal Issues: Options for Therapy Jan Shepherd, MD, FACOG
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  • Objectives Compare and contrast contemporary pharmacologic options for HT. Compare the pharmacology of oral HT to that of transdermal delivery systems. Identify options for management of menopausal issues with agents other than HT.
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  • A 52 year-old Caucasian female, LMP 6 months ago, presents with significant hot flashes interfering with her daily activities and sleep. She has read that HT can cause breast cancer and heart attacks. If you and she decide on HT, what is your initial choice for therapy?
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  • Current Options for HT
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  • Fertil Steril 2001;75:1065. Lower-Dose HT Effective Reduces symptoms Protects bone Improved acceptance and safety Lower rate of breakthrough bleeding Fewer side effects Requires less progestin ? Decreased risk
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  • Oral Estrogens ( in increasing order of potency ) estrone (Ogen, Ortho-Est) estradiol (Estrace, Prefest, Activella, Angelique, transdermal/vaginal preparations) conjugated estrogens (Premarin, Prempro, Premphase, Cenestin, Estratab, Menest, Enjuvia) ethinyl estradiol (Femhrt, oral contraceptives)
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  • Premarin (Conjugated Equine Estrogens from PREgnant MARes urINe) Premarin (Conjugated Equine Estrogens from PREgnant MARes urINe) Sodium estrone sulfate - 50-60% Sodium equilin sulfate - 22.5-32.5% 17 - dihydro equilin sulfate Estradiol sulfate 17 - dihydro equilenin sulfate Sodium equilenin sulfate
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  • Novel Delivery Systems Estrogen-only and combination patches Systemic therapy vaginal ring (Femring) Gel, cream, mist All contain estradiol Provide steady blood levels
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  • Transdermal vs Oral Estrogen Bloodstream Oral Liver Liver proteins SHBG C-reactive protein Antithrombin III Factors VII, X Cells of target tissues Transdermal Stomach / Intestines Filer WD, Filer RB. Am Fam Physician. 1994;49:1639-1644. TG
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  • Vaginal Preparations Minimal blood levels Used if vaginal dryness is only symptom Preparations Premarin cream Estradiol cream, tablets (10 g. lower dose now available) Estring (3-month low-dose estradiol vaginal ring)
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  • Progestins In increasing order of potency Micronized progesterone* (Prometrium) Norgestimate (Prefest) Norethindrone acetate (Aygestin, Activella, Femhrt) Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA, Provera) * May be associated with less risk of breast cancer HormoneRelative Potency Progesterone 1.0 19-nor- testosterone 5.6 MPA 8.1 * J Clin Onc 2008;26:1260-8.
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  • Continuous Combined Preparations PremPro (Premarin + Provera) Activella (estradiol + norethindrone acetate) Prefest (estradiol + norgestimate) Femhrt (ethinyl estradiol + norethindrone acetate) Angeliq (estradiol + drospirenone) Patches (estradiol + norethindrone acetate or levonorgestrel)
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  • A 54 year-old female presents with persistent hot flashes on PremPro.625. Requests you check a salivary estriol level and prescribe bio-identical hormones based on the result.
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  • Comparison of Pharmaceutical HT with Bioidentical HT CharacteristicPharmaceutical HTBioidentical HT Molecular structureSimilar or identical to human Identical to human FDA oversightYesNo DosageMonitored, accurate & consistent Not monitored; may be inaccurate & inconsistent* PurityMonitored; pureNot monitored; may be impure SafetyTested; risks knownNot FDA tested; risks unknown EfficacyTested & provenNot FDA tested; unproven Scientific EvidenceExistent; conclusiveInsufficient Santen, R. J. et al. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2010;95:s1-s66. *Potency 67.5% to 268.4% of label in FDA study
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  • Other Pharmacologic Options Statins and other lipid-lowering agents Bisphosphonates Centrally-acting meds for hot flashes Raloxifene a SERM
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  • 60-year old g3p3, LMP age 50. No menopausal symptoms. At Health Fair, T score -1.5. No personal or FH of fractures. On HCTZ for bp, otherwise healthy. Nonsmoker, nondrinker. Ht 54, wt 135 #. Vitamin D 24 ng/ml. All other labs normal. How will you manage?
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  • Treating with Bisphosphonates Treat If T score < -2.5 or < -1.5 with history of fracture If T score -1.0 to -2.5 (no fracture), treat if FRAX score 10-year probability of major osteoporotic fracture > 20% 10-year probability of hip fracture > 3% Re-evaluate at 5 years drug holiday if: Risk factors low T score > -2.5 Pt agrees to repeat DEXA in 2 years
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  • New Denosumab (Prolia) Monoclonal antibody against RANKL (cytokine leading to formation and activation of osteoclasts) 60 mg subq q 6 months Rapid response, more effective than alendronate* Rapid loss of effect when stopped Adverse events incidence similar to alendronate Indicated for osteoporotic pts at high risk of fracture *J Bone Miner Res 2009;24:153-61.
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  • A 50 year old g1p1, LMP 1 year ago, history of DVT in pregnancy, presents with severe hot flashes.
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  • Medications for Hot Flashes (Off-label)
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  • A 54 year old on tamoxifen after lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy for ER + breast cancer presents with severe hot flashes. How will you treat? What if she presents with only severe vaginal dryness/dyspareunia?
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  • Raloxifene (Evista) Antagonist Breast Endometrium Hypothalamus Agonist Bone Liver Lipids Coagulation factors
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  • Raloxifene Indications* Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis Prevention of invasive breast cancer Dosage - 60 mg/day *Only in Postmenopausal women
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  • Raloxifene - Benefits Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis 2-3% increase in bone mineral density 30-50% reduction in vertebral fracture risk 44-71% reduction in invasive breast cancer incidence of endometrial cancer Positive effect on lipid profile triglycerides, LDL, no effect on HDL Not shown to cardiovascular mortality
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  • Raloxifene - Risks DVT/VTE Risk of stroke Cause or increase hot flashes No effect on vaginal symptoms May cause leg cramps
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  • Coming Soon TSECS (Aprela) Tissue Selective Estrogen Complexes A SERM (bazedoxiphene) plus conjugated estrogens Concept Antagonist to estrogens effects on breast and endometrium Preserves estrogens effects on symptoms and bone Additional effects studied DVT/PE risk = oral estrogen alone LDL, HDL, but triglycerides No effect on C-reactive protein
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  • Alternative Therapies Acupuncture Phytoestrogens Soy Red clover Black cohosh Ginseng, ginkgo Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin E None proven superior to placebo
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  • Lifestyle Interventions
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  • Cooler environment Weight loss Smoking cessation Aerobic exercise
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  • 3 Most Important Health Measures for Postmenopausal Women Weight-bearing exercise Low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables Calcium 1000-1200 mg/day & vitamin D 800-1000 IU/day


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