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DESCRIPTION ==> These slides outline some of the material presented at the business institute What works and what fails and how one can use data trends to make sense out of the flood of data coming our way


  • 1.My.ComMetrics.comComMetricsSession 10: Managing data smartly Making data dance version can be found here just before classPresented by http://www.YouTube/ComMetrics ComMetrics videos media trends 2011 blog checklistUrs E. Gattiker , Ph.D. 2008_06_16

2. ComMetrics_Wrap up from last session3 critical things learned here comes the Nespresso / Denner example2011_01_17_Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 3. ComMetrics_Nespresso is protected by 1700patents1> Sfr. 3bn in 20102Denner sells capsules for about half price2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 4. ComMetrics_Nespresso is protected by 1700patents3In 2010 Jean-Paul Gaillard ... Also former Nestl exec. launched his Ethical Coffee Co to produce Nes- presso compatible capsules4 2011-01-10 Monday St. Gallen court gave Nestl a legal victory by supporting its challenge to discount retailer Denner. Denner said it would appeal2010 Nestl launched lawsuit against Sara Lee the US food group, fro alleged patent infrignement with its LOr Expresso. Sara Lee denied infrigning any patents 2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 5. ComMetrics_Nespresso is protected by 1700patents52010 Nestl launched Special T, a tea-making systedesigned to do for the beverage what Newspressohas done for premium coffee Initially launched in France machine costs 129 with a 10 capsule pack costing an additional 3.50 Tea bag Migros = 3 Rappen versus ===> 42 Rappen Special T they cost 506Jan 2010 Eric Favre former Nespresso CEO launched Tpresso2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 6. ComMetrics_After Nespresso back to todays topicAre we ready?2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 7. ComMetrics_Everybody wants to measure the web traffic#1How can we demonstrate that our web efforts areChallenge delivering pageviews, mentions on TwitterStrategy: Focus on metrics that result in action2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 8. ComMetrics_Everybody wants to measure the web trafficSolution:-Social media metrics what is the purpose set strategy and check---- using no more than 5 measures 1 - ComMetrics Footprint index, 2 - Health Index, 3 - ComMetrics Resonance,==> 4 ComMetrics Blog Impact Index 2010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 9. ComMetrics_Everybody wants to measure the web trafficSolution:---- using no more than 5 measures complement previous 4 with:5 - referral traffic AND statistics from6 URL shortener (e.g., how many of my Twitter followers clicked onthe URL I sent)WATCH THE TRENDS compare July 2009 with July 20102010_11_10>Introduction _Purpose >How to >Decision >Conclusions >Tools & Tips 10. ComMetrics_Why it matters todays 3 nuggets1 What is the amount of data we are dealing with - trends?2 What can we get out of these data?3 Visualization can help 2010_11_30_Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 11. ComMetrics_PurposeWhat is this all about? 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 12. ComMetrics_What is data, information, database, data-warehouse?Definition in textbook?Does you textbook define data warehouse, database, etc.? How are data management, warehouse, software applications, etc. defined in other MBA courses/modules? How does data management, warehousing and so forth relate toinnovation?What is your companys core database or warehouse. Whichapplication using your companys warehouse do you use most in yourwork?(please bring document to class):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 13. ComMetrics_What is a database versus a data warehouse?Data-warehouse = storage and read-optimized Swiss frequent flyerdata, Migros Cumulus card programApplication database = write optimized PostFinance pay terminal min video (blog entry, explain it very nicely):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 14. ComMetrics_Are we producing much data?Facebook has 40bn photos 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 15. ComMetrics_Are we using these data?Mobile is changing our lives, selling,communication and much moreBUT can all afford it? 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 16. ComMetrics_How are we storing these data? tp:// (near buttom video) 2011_01_18>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 17. ComMetrics_Wal-Mart creates petabytesOperates 8,400 stores worldwide>2m employees>$200bn revenue in 2009INFOS>200m customer transactions each week> 1m customer transactions each hour> 2.5 petabytes = data store = about 167 x thebooks in Americas Library of Congress 2010_05_05>Introduction _Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 18. ComMetrics_From Purpose to HowToHow do we put this into practice? 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose _HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 19. ComMetrics_Can we simplify things 5 minMaking sense out of all these dataDashboards 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose _HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 20. ComMetrics_3 assigned readings Topic 10- we choose a student to moderate the discussion you canvolunteer yourself for today or for tomorrow- please have your notes ready all students- Chosen reading is:- Could your data management approach result into value that an beleveraged in your business = data driven management 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose _HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 21. ComMetrics_Tools & Tips- Managing RSS 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo _Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 22. ComMetrics_How do we use RSS manage data - information- How to add an RSS feed for non-geeks how to use it with your e-mail program-Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird,-What about Google Reader?-Why RSS feed may not be used by your target audience 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo _Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 23. ComMetrics_Decision time- How to use your data smarter 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo _Tools & Tips >Decision >Conclusions 24. ComMetrics_Student Case Claudio Vallebona- Developing marketing strategy data collection and fine-tuning the companys strategy whilereaching set milestones 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips _Decision >Conclusions 25. ComMetrics_Student Case - more 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips _Decision >Conclusions 26. ComMetrics_Steps to do the most with data? 5 min showing how to visualize data bottom of postDashboards2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips _Decision >Conclusions 27. ComMetrics_Steps to do the most with data geo-location?-, 4% use this service at all, down from 5% in May 2010(see also Session 8 think before mindlessly geo-tagging thingsand sharing the info with your network) 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips _Decision >Conclusions 28. ComMetrics_One last thing Wrap-upWhat we learnedDo not trust data check sample selection PLUS journalists generally get it wrong (35% see something as positive plenty of chance to innovate for your business),_p=1003186,_b=73325 2011_01_18>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision _Conclusions 29. ComMetrics_Why it matters todays 2 nuggets1 What is the amount of data we are dealing with - trends?2 What can we get out of these data?3 Visualization can help 2010_11_30>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision _Conclusions 30. ComMetrics_One more thingPeople do not necessarily decide rationally but, instead, emotions play a role (e.g., with Apple) and using a nice decoy (The Economist) or making it a totally new experience (Starbucks you cannot compare it to anything else - SEE Session 13 watch out your customer gets smarter...) 2010_11_30>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision _Conclusions 31. ComMetrics_One more thingPlease discuss:3 most critical things we learned today3 things I love to get more infos aboutLet your data dance Hans Rosling uses data visualisations to make serious points about health policy and development.AMAZING videos trust Steve Jobs on this 2011_01_17>Introduction >Purpose >HowTo >Tools & Tips >Decision _Conclusions 32. My.ComMetrics.comComMetricsSession 10: Managing data smartly data GauPresented by (free registration) (blog)Roentgenstrasse 49 Stree