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  • 2. Introducing Three New Solstic Products by Courtney Hammond Imagine Youve got a busy day ahead of you. You rush out of the house, grabbing a bottle of water on the way. But when you go to open that bottle of water, you wish it was something more. Or at your morning workout, you want an alternative to the sports drinks that offer little more than sugared water. You want real nutrition to fuel your body. Thats where Solstic comes in. Solstic is NSPs innovative line of convenient, individual-serving stick packets. Simply pour the contents of one packet into a bottle of water, shake and enjoy. Flavored with natural fruit powders, Solstic tastes great and offers substantial nutrition. NSP is excited to introduce three new Solstic products: Solstic Energy, Solstic Cardio and Solstic Twenty-Four.Solstic EnergySolstic Energy is a low calorie, sugar-free energy drink featuring guarana, green tea and B vitamins. Manypopular energy drinks on the market contain questionable levels of artificial caffeine. Solstic Energy contains only natural ingredients that help energize the body, reduce fatigue, increase mental focus and boost metabolism. Solstic Energy tastes great; its sweetened with stevia and flavored with natural lemon, mandarin orange and pineapple powders. Solstic Energy convenient stick packets mean you can take energy with you wherever you go! Solstic Twenty-Four Solstic Twenty-Four offers 24 hours of primary nutrition. It combines 100% of the Daily Value of 13 vitamins plus beneficial amounts of calcium, magnesium and zinc. Solstic Twenty- Four provides significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, which may contribute to energy, immune support and overall health. It features vitamin D3 for immune, mood and bone support; vitamin K to help with calcium absorption and cardiovascular support; and B vitamins for energy and stamina. This product replaces Solstic Nutrition, with an improved taste, flavored with natural raspberry. Solstic Cardio Solstic Cardio is formulated to provide maximum benefit to the cardiovascular system. It contains a powerful 5 grams of l-arginine per serving in a blend of minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that contribute to cardiovascular and immune health. In the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which influences the relaxation of blood vessels and helps regulate blood vessel tone and flexibility. L-citrulline is added as an arginine precursor to prolong the action of arginine in the nitric oxide pathway. Potent Solstic Cardio also contains resveratrol, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, pomegranate and an amino acid blend. All of these nutrients offer support to the circulatory system. In addition, Solstic Cardio may support sexual function in men and women; contributes to more productive exercise; supports overall energy levels; helps maintain immune function; and supports muscle mass and bone density, which may result in a reduction of fatty tissue. Solstic Cardio is flavored with natural strawberry and lemon powders.
  • 3. Fortify Your WaterStock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 6521-2 Solstic Energy (30 packets) $29.95 29.95 $34.45 $44.95 6525-7 Solstic Twenty-Four (30 packets) $29.95 29.95 $34.45 $44.95 6520-1 Solstic Cardio (30 packets) $49.95 49.95 $57.45 $74.95
  • 4. LovelyLiquidsDrinks that Pack aPowerful Punch!by Darlyn BrittLiquids comprise a big part of todays supplement market. Theyregenerally nutritious, easy to swallow (a real plus for children andadults who dont like to swallow pills), and they taste good. Try theselovely NSP liquids on for size, and prepare to feel your very best!Natures Noni Juice. From the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia plantcomes Natures Noni Juice, a unique tropical tonic that appears tonourish almost every body system: mmunecontains phytonutrients and antioxidants that fight I damaging free radicals tructuralpromotes healthy skin and joints S ervousmay elicit a general feeling of well-being N igestivemay support healthful digestion D ntestinalsupports healthy elimination I Natures Noni Juice supports the bodys cells, organs andtissues. Its free-radical fighters help offset exposure tochemicals, pollution and other damaging environmentalfactors.Liquid Chlorophyll. A top-10 best-seller for decades, LiquidChlorophyll supports intestinal health and a strong immuneresponse. It helps promote the natural blood-cleansingfunctions of the body and helps to deodorize the bowel. Itmay also help strengthen cells and offer circulatory systemsupport as well. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants; it is rich inmagnesium. Chlorophyll is vital to the photosynthesisprocess, which brings life-giving energy to the plant. NSPLiquid Chlorophyll contains natural spearmint oil for afresh, invigorating flavor. Add it to water and enjoy itspurifying, revitalizing benefits.2 Manager Extra, May 2010
  • 5. Ionic Minerals with Aai. Trace minerals play a role in hundredsof functions throughout the body, including enzyme reactions,maintaining proper biochemistry, immune system health and more.Ionic Minerals with Aai berry extract supplies highly bioavailableionic minerals to support mineral-powered reactions body-wide. Aaiberries provide valuable antioxidants, amino acids, anthocyaninsand essential fatty acidsall of which support the health of thecirculatory system. This product provides a full spectrum of 70 ionic trace mineralsthat do not need to be broken down further for absorption. Becausethe minerals in this formula are charged (ionic), they are easily andquickly absorbed and can be readily used. Ionic Minerals also helpsmaintain a normal pH balance.Sneak Peek: New, Improved Thai-Go! One of our best-selling products ever and arguably our tastiestliquid supplement, Thai-Go is replete with antioxidants that providepowerful support to the circulatory system. Coming in summer 2010,Thai-Go will be even more amazing. Improved Thai-Go will containthe 11 original ingredients, including mangosteen fruit and pericarp, Comingwolfberry, red grapes and skin, blueberries and more. But were also Juneadding new, potent antioxidants: 2010! omegranate fruit contains vascular-protective agents that P guard the bodys endothelial cells against free-radical assault. Pomegranate contains polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins; all are beneficial antioxidants. This fruit may support cholesterol and blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range, and it may help increase the amount of oxygen that gets to the heart. ai Berry is commonly found in Brazil and Peru, and A is long-used by natives for its health benefits (especially antioxidant properties). Aai is also known to help the body rid itself of toxins, improve blood flow and support already-normal cholesterol levels. Aai berries are high in potassium.Drink to your health with these fine liquidsupplements from NSP! Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 4042-7 Natures Noni (232 fl. oz. bottles) $60.50 60.50 $69.60 $90.75 4066-7 Natures Noni (16 fl. oz.) $16.50 16.50 $19.00 $24.75 1689-6 Liquid Chlorophyll (32 fl. oz.) $18.75 18.75 $21.60 $28.15 1683-7 Liquid Chlorophyll (16 fl. oz.)