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  • Revised 1/6/16

    Pacwest Little League

    14649 16th AVE S.

    Seatac, WA. 98168



    Name: ___________________________ _______ _________________________ _______________ Last Middle Initial First Date of Birth

    SSN: _____________________________________ Driver’s License # and State: __________________________________________

    Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Home Number: __________________________________________ Cell Number: _______________________________________

    Email Address: _________________________________________________ Work Number: ________________________________

    Children in League: _______________________ Relationship: _________________ League Age: _________

    _______________________ Relationship: _________________ League Age: _________

    _______________________ Relationship: _________________ League Age: _________

    Previous Coaching Experience (including League(s) and Divisions): ______________________________________________



    List any certificates and formal training seminars:__________________________________________________________________

    Position(s) you are interested in: Manager Bench Coach Practice Coach

    Baseball Division(s) you are interested in: T-Ball A AA AAA Majors Intermediate 50/70

    Juniors Seniors Big League

    Softball Division(s) you are interested in: Coach Pitch (78’s) Minors Majors Juniors Seniors

    All Applicants will be subjected to a LL MANDATED background checks.

    Do not write in this box – for PWLL Use Only

    Approved for a (Managing/Coaching) position in: ________________________________________________________

    Team: _______________________________ Approved by: ___________________ Date: ______________

    Please read and sign the Coaching Contract on the next page

  • Revised 1/6/16


    The mission of the Pacwest Little League is to provide a safe, supportive environment for the children of our community in

    which to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, skills and a respect for the game of baseball and softball.

    The Managers and Coaches of Pacwest Little League are the most important part of our organization. They are in a

    position to greatly determine the quality of each player’s experience. Pacwest Little League strives to select those

    individuals for managing and coaching positions who will best exemplify the values of the Little League Baseball and

    Softball. The League will support the managers and coaches through coaching clinics, safety clinics and other activities

    designed to enhance their teaching and leadership skills and knowledge.

    There are no vested managers or coaches in Little League Baseball or Softball. Each manager and coach must apply each

    season. Prospective candidates will be evaluated on the following: leadership, teaching ability, commitment, enjoyment,

    organizational skills, sportsmanship, past experience and their ability to be a role model for their team.

    Coaching Contract

    If appointed to a Coaching position within the Pacwest Little League, I will:

    • Fully participate in all League activities including coaching clinics, safety meetings, fundraisers and special programs. • Treat players, players’ parents, fellow coaches, umpires, scorekeepers, and league officials with respect at all times. • Set an example, both on and off the playing field, of good sportsmanship for players. • Build confidence in my players. • Demonstrate positive methods for resolving conflicts. • Provide team with a reasonable number of practices. • Not use nor allow others to use:

    o Tobacco products of any kind (adult use in designated areas only).

    o Alcohol, during or preceding involvement with players in practices and games.

    o Profanity, abusive, highly critical, or demeaning language.

    • Take responsibility for all League equipment and fields entrusted to my team and ensure that all equipment is returned at the end of season.

    • Be a “team” player by acting in the best interests of the League. • Be knowledgeable about and follow all Little League rules, including Local Rules. • Promptly advise my division representative and Player Agent of significant player related issues • Must perform field preparation, maintenance and cleanup, as needed. • Prohibit parents and other persons from assuming a coaching role during Little League events without prior League approval. • Ensure my team fulfills all fund-raising events, umpiring, concession stand and other assigned team obligations.

    I understand that Pacwest Little League is committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive experience for children

    while teaching them baseball and softball skills. I understand that failure to live up to any one of these promises may

    result in dismissal from coaching.

    Print Name: _____________________________________________________

    Signed: __________________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

  • This volunteer application should only be used if a league is manually entering information into JDP or an outside background check provider that meet the standards of Little League Regulations 1(c)9. THIS FORM SHOULD NOT BE COMPLETED IF A LEAGUE IS UTILIZING THE JDP QUICKAPP. Visit for more information.


    Name ______________________________________________________________ Date ________ First Middle Name or Initial Last Address ______________________________________________________________________

    City _________________________________ State ________________ Zip _______________ Social Security # (mandatory) __________________________________________________________________________

    Cell Phone ___________________________ Business Phone __________________________

    Home Phone: _________________________ E-mail Address: __________________________

    Date of Birth __________________________________________________________________

    Occupation ___________________________________________________________________

    Employer _____________________________________________________________________

    Address ______________________________________________________________________

    Special professional training, skills, hobbies: _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Community affiliations (Clubs, Service Organizations, etc.): _____________________________________________________________________________ Previous volunteer experience (including baseball/softball and year): _____________________________________________________________________________

    1. Do you have children in the program? Yes  No  If yes, list full name and what level? __________________________________________

    2. Special Certification (CPR, Medical, etc.)? Yes  No  If yes, list: _____________________

    3. Do you have a valid driver’s license? Yes  No  Driver’s License#: _________________________________ State ________________

    4. Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, plead no contest, or guilty to any crime(s) involving or against a minor, or of a sexual nature?

    If yes, describe each in full: ______________________________________ Yes  No  (If volunteer answered yes to Question 4, the local league must contact the Little League International Security Manager.)

    5. Have you ever been convicted of or plead no contest or guilty to any crime(s) Yes  No  If yes, describe each in full: _________________________________________________ (Answering yes to question 5, does not automatically disqualify you as a volunteer.)

    6. Do you have any criminal charges pending against you regarding any crime(s)? Yes  No  If yes, describe each in full: _________________________________________________ (Answering yes to question 6, does not automatically disqualify you as a volunteer.)

    7. Have you ever been refused participation in any other youth programs? Yes  No  If yes, explain: ___________________________________________________________

    Little League® Volunteer Application - 2020 Do not use forms from past years. Use extra paper to complete if additional space is required.

    Please list three references, at least one of which has knowledge of your participation as a volunteer in a youth program:

    Name/Phone _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

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