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Management is a Science as well as an ArtPresent by Vikash Gupta PGDM 1st yearSubject - Organization ManagementFaculty - Prof. Col. P S BajajSunstone Eduversity

Is Management a Science? Science is characterized by following main features Universally Accepted Principles

Is Management a Science? Similarly Management also has some fundament principles Example The principle of unity of command is One man one boss. Unity of Command means getting orders/ command from only one supervisor.This principle is applicable for all kind of organization Business or Non Business.

Universally Accepted Principles

Is Management a Science? Experimentation & Observation Is Management a Science?

Management Principals also evolved due to experimentation & succeed result obtain by manages over there. There this field always evolving.

Is Management a Science? Example It is observed that fair remuneration to personnel helps in creating a satisfied work force.

Experimentation & Observation Cause & effect of RelationshipIs Management a Science?

Example When Metal are heated they expand. The Same is true for Management. E.g. It is a general observation, that when the workforce is treated as well as paid well in form of salary/bonus, it adds to their work efficiency there by increaseing the productivity of the organization.Thus, it establish a cause & effect relationship. Is Management a Science? Cause & effect of Relationship

Thus, It is observed that principles of science viz.

Universally accepted principlesExperimentation & Observation Cause & Effect Relationship Are true in case of Management also. How ever, since management deals with human beings and human behavior, the outcomes of these experiments are not capable of being accurately Predicted or replicated, therefore, management can be called an inexact science.

Is Management a Science? Is Management a Art?

In management there is great scope for

Creativity Imagination Invention InitiativeIs Management a Art? Creativeness is the important part of Art same as In management creativeness is required, Skills & technique describe the art of Management.

Is Management a Art? Creativity Personal Skill All the theory may same for every article. Each one has his own style.

Example There are several actors but Nana patekar know for his style.Similarly manager an art also personalized every manger has his own way to managing thing based on his knowledge ,experience & personality . Which is why some mangers are highly effective while others are not so effective.

Is Management a Art? Goal- Oriented

Mangers use various resources like, men, money, material, machinery & methods to promote growth in an organization . Management activities in which art is applied.

Managers must make only what creates value.Managers utilize their skills & various technique to Compete with other organizationManagers must reward those who deserve it.

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