Man s first step on moon

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Man's first step on moon


  • 1. Mans First Step On Moon

2. Facts About Moon: The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky, andthe only planetary body that can be seen with the nakedeye as a globe rather than a point. To the naked eye, we can distinguish light and darkregions. The dark regions were named maria (seas) by earlyastronomers, by analogy to the Earth. Of course, we nowknow that there is no liquid water on the surface of theMoon. Dimensions: Diameter: 3476 km, just over quarter the Earth. Mass: 7.3x1022 kg, just over 1% of the Earth! 3. Neil Armstrong + Buzz Aldrin First men to land on themoon July 20,1969 Neil Armstrong first tostep on the moon 4. Was The Apollo Moon Landing Fake? How can the flag be fluttering?"Award winning British photographer David Persey isconvinced the pictures are fake Distraction - The U.S. government benefited from apopular distraction to take attention away from theVietnam war. Cold war Prestige - The U.S. government considered itvital that the U.S. win the space race with the USSR Risk - The available technology at the time was such thatthere was a good chance that the landing might fail ifgenuinely attempted. 5. Some More Inputs: China, Russia, India, Japan, and newerspace faring nations are planningmultigenerational great projects to goto the Moon and beyond. 6. Thank You