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After School Program. RTA Outreach In Your School. October 1, 2007 January 21, 2008. Residencies - 8-12 weeks on site with teaching artist professional working with New York learning standards curriculum. PLAYMAKING SHAKESPEARE LIVE CULTURAL DRAMA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Mamaroneck Avenue &amp; Main StreetRental InformationHip Hop Romeo &amp; Juliet9th-12th grade</p><p>Monday4:00 6:00 PMWednesday4:00 6:00 PMFriday6:00 10:00 PM</p><p>Production rehearsal dates-Dec. 3-Jan.18Full schedule TBA between holiday breaks.</p><p>A 3 month in-depth program of acting technique, text and cultural musical and dance infusion. Fully staged performances on the WPPAC stage in January. These students will be asked to take, as part of their program, the Tuesday Combat class.October 1, 2007 January 21, 2008The Just So Story(Performed with the pageantry of traditional puppetry and mask theater)2nd-12th grade</p><p>Monday4:00 6:00 PMWednesday4:00 6:00 PMFriday (6th-12th) 6:00 -10:00 PM</p><p>Production rehearsal dates-April 7-May 16.Full schedule TBA between vacation dates.</p><p>A 3 month in-depth program of acting technique, mask and movement. Fully staged performances on the WPPAC stage in May. </p><p>Cost for each After School Program: $695.00 February 11,, 2008 May 18, 2008produced by the White Plains Performing Arts Center</p><p>Residencies- 8-12 weeks on site with teaching artist professional working with New York learning standards curriculum.PLAYMAKINGSHAKESPEARE LIVECULTURAL DRAMA</p><p>Assemblies- 45 minute interactive presentationsSHAKE IT UP!-Intro to ShakespeareROMEO AND JULIET for Kids THE LIVING MUSEUM-Einstein to MLK,Jr. in your schoolTHE PEOPLE COULD FLY-African American TalesLOS REYES-Latin American Creation Myths</p><p>Winter Break: February 18 22, 2008</p><p>Spring Break: April 21-25, 2008</p><p>Cost for each camp session: $250.00</p></li><li><p>produced by the White Plains Performing Arts CenterSeptember 17th December 14th and February 4th May 9th(12 weeks due to vacation days per session)Want to build confidence and public speaking skills, win an Academy Award, work on Broadway, get a good part in your school play? Want to express yourself in a whole new way? Acting 101, taught by theatre and film actors private coaches, will give you the tools and techniques to make a solid and strong impression in public and on stage. The Fight Guys, Broadway and Television stunt directors, will train students in the safety, teamwork and techniques of doing hand-to-hand and sword fight sequences. Learn falls and reaction moves, based on martial arts forms. Learn all the original choreography of great Broadway shows from Chorus Line to Cats to Chicago.Renaissance Theatre AcademyToni Rubio, DirectorWhite Plains Performing Arts Center11 City PlaceWhite Plains, NY 10601914.328.1600 x 16toni@wppac.comYOUTH CLASSES: $350.00 per 12 week session ADULT CLASSES: $400.00 per 12 week sessionCancellation Policy: After first class-full refund less $50.00, no refund after 3rd class.Theatre successfully demonstrates the height of collaborative efforts. The Renaissance Theatre Academy joins theater and educational professionals, parents and students together in developing successful young artists. We look forward to working with you! </p><p>ACTINGMONDAYKIDS 4-5:30pm2nd-8th gradeADULTS 7-9pm</p><p>ACTION STUNTSTUESDAYKIDS 4-5:30pm6th-12th gradeADULTS 7-9pm</p><p>BROADWAY DANCE ORIGINALSWEDNESDAYKIDS 4-5:30pm3-12th gradeADULTS 7-9pm</p></li></ul>