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Charly and the Chocolate Factory


  • 1. Charly and the ChocolateFactory By Malena Duchovny, FedericoSilva, Federico Crespo and Amparo Posse

2. Once there was a boy called Charlie Bucket.He lived with his family in a very smallhouse. His family was really poor. 3. Charlie loved chocolate. He loved Wonkas chocolates. But he could only get one bar ayear. One day, he read in the newspaper about acontest. If you found a golden ticket in aWonka chocolate bars, you got to visit thechocolate factory. 4. After finding money in the street, he bought a candy bar. To his surprise a Golden Ticket was inside it. The day after he would go with his grandpa Joe to the factory 5. falling 6. And in the end, the only child left was Charlie. He won the Big Prize! He won the whole factory! 7. The End