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1. Making the movie poster:choosing the image 2. Here I got the inspiration from the Four Christmases poster. They are wrapped inribbon, connoting towards Christmas, and so with my picture chose to wrap thecharacters in a large map, in order to obviously signify travelling. 3. I this photo, the characters in both posters are back to back against each other,in order to show a connection between them but the fact that they are notfacing each other shows some form of divide between them, in my images case,this would be the fact that the characters live in separate countries. 4. In this photo our inspiration was taken from A Cinderella Story. The femalecharacters are on the male characters backs, showing a relationship between thetwo. The direct mode of address when looking at the cameras draw the audiencesin. 5. The Vow poster gave me the idea of the characters looking at one another ratherthan the camera, to show a deeper connection between the two and create anabsolute link to the romantic genre. This was the final image I chose, because Ibelieve it is interesting, romantic, and will appeal to the target audience.