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A presentation given a number of times on trends and interpretations of the season we are in (early 21st Century).


  • Being strategicDave FoodForesight on the Marketplace
  • Why plan?People who fail to plan plan to failPeople who plan give room for spontaneity,Spontaneous people have no room to planEvery tomorrow becomes today eventually
  • Whats the objective? (Business) Goal Profit Centred Plan Action
  • Business measuresROI (return on investment)Plan adherenceEfficiencyErrors / FailureROCI (return on capital invested)
  • Be strategic Thinking strategically Acting strategically Living strategicallyBattlefield strategiesI will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint. Then he replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a man may run with it.
  • Investment in the right places? FUTURE Vision Finances Time NOW
  • Who cares? The response: personal responsibility? Who is at fault for obesity? Who is responsible for dealing with obesity? 80 60 40 76 69 48 20 31 40 30 22 12 0 Parents Food and The The state drink mfrs individual
  • Strategic language High level Longer term Impressions Principles Priorities Policies
  • Perception is reality? Challenges: Demography Perceptions of migration Not a problem at all A very big problem Not a very big problem Dont know A fairly big problem In Britain In your area 4% 2% 7% 7% 18% 11% 36% 38% 38% 39%
  • What do I know, what dont I know Know your geography - research Know your Business - observe Know your community - explore Know your people - develop Know your institutions connect Know your departments - discern Know your influencers listen to Know your leadership - invest
  • O ne O ffi c e O ne Co unM t ry ul tip le l an guM a ge ul s tip le C ou nt ri es In te rn at io na l Staff Income Measures compare and contrast Customers
  • So what How are we changing? Who do we reach? What concerns our universe? What is changing in our universe? Are we risk takers (opportunity builders)? Do we build wholesome attitudes? Are we integrity instigators?
  • Some insight into the future Biblical ages Global tribalism Unity community Spiritually desperate Morally bankrupt Change frustration Ethically driven Truth majority
  • Whats going on? The Rise of China and India% 30 Expected Contribution to Global Growth 2006-2020 (PPP) 25 20 15 10 5 0 China US India Brazil Russia Indonesia S Korea UK Germany France Mexico Canada Turkey Japan
  • Challenges: Climate ChangeWaterscarcityCrop declineDemographyHungerCoastal risksRecentconflicts
  • Key questionsPersonal Corporate What is my factor X? Why do we exist? Is today a history day? What can we not do What am I here for? alone? Am I growing? Who does this affect? What have I learned Are we learning? today? Are we making history?
  • Some closing thoughts Plan to change tomorrow Make choices that will last Understand your DNA Develop your culture Choose to put legs on the vision you have
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