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  1. 1. Making Public Speaking ProfitableTips on how to make a profit as a public speaker
  2. 2. Put Your Knowledge On TheMarketIts hard to get a gig if you dont have a lot ofname recognition. Making books, videos, andaudio files available to the market increasesyour prominence, and familiarizes the publicwith your message.
  3. 3. Get SponsorshipConsider your target audience, and seek outcompanies who would be interested insponsoring you to reach that audience. Makea strong argument for yourself, after all, itswhat you do!
  4. 4. Collect Payment DirectlyA good rule of thumb is to collect 50% of thepayment before or the day of the event.Make your policy known initially as not tocatch anyone with one foot off the merry-go-round.
  5. 5. Get Up With A Speakers BureauMore than likely, a speakers bureau willtake a cut of your profit, but theyll help tofind you paying gigs and open up a greatnetworking opportunity.
  6. 6. Public SeminarsThis requires a bit of self promotion. Arrange apublic seminar and sell tickets online. Pitch ticketsto companies to give to employees. There is theupfront expense of making, printing, anddistributing brochures and booking a venue, butcan be lucrative in the long run.
  7. 7. Telephone SeminarsCreate a telephone bridge line and have theaudience call in and do the seminar over thephone. You can offer a more attractive price toprospective attendees this way and even workin your pajamas
  8. 8. WebcastsSimilar to telephone seminars exceptthrough the internet instead of the phoneline. This has the added benefit of beingtotally free to arrange and videocapability
  9. 9. Training CompaniesSpeaking on behalf of a company as ahired hand can be disheartening, but its agood way to diversify your portfolio andopen yourself to more gigs. In someinstances, you may be able to helpdevelop the training program
  10. 10. Speak For FreeYou must get your name in message out to thepublic. Speaking for free is a great way to dothis, at no monetary cost to you. Give animpressive speech, and pick up clients. Somepeople will share their experience online, puttingyour name out on the digital platform as well
  11. 11. Speak As Part Of Your JobCompanies hire speakers for PR campaignsregularly. Try to get paid for your time at workby developing and delivering speeches. Thiswill greatly benefit your portfolio, experience,and reputation within your company
  12. 12. To master public speaking requires fine tuning,practice in a public forum, and the utmostconfidence in your , voice, and message. Still, itsdifficult for even the best public speakers tomake a viable career of it. If you follow these tips,itll be a surefire way to maximize your brandpotential as well as profits! Dominic Carter


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