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How to found a start-up using lean startup principles - Web visions presentation, 2011.


<ul><li> Ugh! I thought of that first!!<br />Flickr - Stuck &amp; sulking (09/04)By Claire-Louise75<br />Making Ideas Happen<br />WebVisions 2011<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> Founder, (2 months)<br />User experience consultant 14+ years<br />Helped companies build technology products <br />Knowledgeable about the development processes <br />Scribbled many ideas for products/ services<br />Couldnt figure how to take my ideas to the next level being non tech didnt help<br />But kept trying to figure it out<br />Background<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> I got lucky<br />Helping companies build technology products<br />Helping people by developing technology<br />products<br />Startup Weekend<br />Portland<br />Women 2.0Founders Labs (SF)<br />WebVisions2010<br />WebVisions<br />2011<br />May 2010<br />Jan 2011<br />March 2011<br />May 2011<br /><br /><br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> Go outside your comfort zone<br />Flickr - 83/365 Contradiction 10 I feel scaredByrayakins<br /># 1 Validate your idea<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 2 Find a committed team<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 3 Identify your MVP,<br />Minimal viable product<br />{Familiarize yourself with lean startup if you haven't already }<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 4 Build &gt; get feedback &gt; iterate<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 5 Stay calm<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 6 Recruit your support network<br />Advisors/ mentors, peers, friends<br />{Portlands strength}<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> Startup Networks - Portland<br />Startup Weekend - Portland Oct<br />StarveUps - Launch Pad June - July<br />PIE - Portland Incubator Experiment July ?<br />Oregon Technology Business Center Ongoing Events<br />PSU Business Accelerator Ongoing Events <br />TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Ongoing Events<br />Meetup: Lean Startup, Startup Nights Monthly<br />Portland Seed Fund June<br />Angel Oregon<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> # 7 Stick to it<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> <li> Take the plunge<br />Flickr - jumpBy EWAN MITCHELL.<br />SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube<br /></li> </ul>