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  • Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations Group : Andrea Diego Diogo Marco Antonio Michelle Miriam
  • Purpose
    • Try to gather your audience to the main idea
    • Choose an useful and interesting topic
  • Text
    • Use key words
    • Avoid slangs and spelling mistakes
    • Use images
    • Large sized words
    • Use same font on all slides
  • Background
    • Use light-colored + dark text (and vice-versa)
    • Avoid too many pictures in the background
  • Transitions
    • Short transitions
    • Avoid use different transitions
    • Avoid sounds during transitions
  • Color
    • Use color for impact
    • Avoid too shiny colors
  • Multimedia
    • Pictures, movie clips, audio clips
    • Avoid exagerating in the multimedia
  • Saving
    • Save your PPT before and after finish
    • Save as (.pps) if send to someone
  • Printing
    • Print your slides to prepare your presentation
    • If necessary print notes under your slides
    • Can be useful computer do not work
  • Presenting
    • Prepare the stage
    • Eye contact
    • Think about the tone
    • Avoid read the slides
    • Practice before
    • Develop intro and close
  • Avoiding anxiety
    • Start with a smile
    • Try to find familiar people in the audience
    • Turn focus of your audience to your slides
  • Have a nice presentation! Thank you!