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Presentation by Carlo Vuijlsteke of Flanders DC for the 7th ERRIN workshop in the European PLACES-project ( in Ljubljana (Oct. 26, 2011)


  • 1.Making Creativity HappenFlanders District of Creativity CARLO VUIJLSTEKE ERRIN PLACES WORKSHOP - OCTOBER 26, LJUBLJANA

2. Challenges ahead 3. Population in Europe is aging 1960> 14 year65 < year 2060> 14 year65 < year 4. Environmental changes 5. Cultural changes 6. Wanted: a new economic model Finland?Prosperity per capita Flanders Innovation driven economyChina & India Productivity driven economyFactor driven Strength=Strength= Strength=economy Low cost EfficiencyCreativity 7. Out of the 6.9 billion people on earth 36%live in China and India 8. By 2020< 10%> 59%will live in Europe will live in Asia 9. More than the factory ofthe world 10. From a market place to a market space 2.8 millionEmails sent every second 140 million Tweets per day 11. Too many choices 12. 3 Crucial questions Can a computer do it faster? Can someone overseas do it cheaper? Is what Im offering in demand in an age of abundance?- Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind 13. Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource - Richard Florida, Rise of the Creative Class 14. One way of innovationScience/TechnologyNew product 15. More ways of innovationScience Technology New product New service New processCreativity New business model CultureSociety New answersArtsMarket 16. Creative people cluster 17. The role of cities and regions 18. WHAT DO WE DO? 19. Our missionMake Make creative entrepreneurial Flanders more Flanders more entrepreneurial creative 20. Target groupsCREATIVE REGIONPolicySet the framework OrganisationAllow & support creativityIndividualThink creative 21. ActivitiesResearch Inspire Activate 22. Build knowledgeScientific researchon entrepreneurialcreativity 23. InspireInspiringEvents & Talks 24. Activate Generate creative ideas Create awareness 25. Activate Coworking space Coworking network 26. Activate Creative Tools 27. Creative Industries One strategyI-POD Stimulate entrepreneurshipI-CREATIV E Enhance Crossovers 28. INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS 29. Districts of Creativity Network 30. Reverse mission 31. CREATIVE TOOLSLast November the Creative Tools projectwas launched by Flanders DC togetherwith CIDA, Chamber of Commerce ofTerrassa and Creative Tampere.This Leonardo da Vinci transfer ofinnovation project wants to address twosubjects: How can you make theentrepreneurial class more creative? Howcan you make the creative class moreentrepreneurial? 32. EXPERIENCE BASEDthe toolboxGoodies forBUSINESS DEVELOPMENTProvide local and regional public sectorbusiness consultants with knowledge ofand insight into creative businessapproaches and the dynamics ofexperience-based business developmentEnable business consultants to supportand inspire local companies to bringingcreative approaches into the company,its marketing and product developmentprocesses. 33. Thank you! Carlo Vuijlsteke Project Manager Creative Industries Twitter: @cvuijlst


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