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  • 1. It is often said:Have you ever wondered why you remember vividly what you were doing whenyou received the news of the September 11 bombings or what you were doingwhen you felt the little quakes of the earth during the famous Ikeja explosion?Those events are tied to strong emotions (horror and fear) hence your mindkeeps the pictures and replays the scenes with accuracy.I may not be able (in all entirety) to point out clearly why I remember him, maybeits because I like him, because I love his method of teaching or maybe itsbecause I just love chemistry. Though, there were eight other teachers but I canstill remember his classes, the way he darts in front of the class asking andanswering questions, the way he leads my thinking process, leading me to findanswers to my own questions. I can even remember the fact that he teaches uson Tuesdays(single period) and Thursdays(double period) and how sacred I holdthose days, how important those 45minuites of his class were to me. How hemakes me actively engaged in his class, how he makes chemistry lively and
  • 2. happening around me, showing me how much of a chemist Ive been and howmuch more I can be, I still remember him. His name is Mr. Ehirim (my secondaryschool chemistry teacher) and one thing I can say about him is thatIn todays world of teaching and learning, while the teacher stands in front of hisstudents with his manuscript and lesson notes hoping that whatever he teacheswill be learnt. It often remains said that most times a teacher fails at his task notbecause he was not prepared but because he has reduced teaching to lecture(the pouring out of facts and details on the child). I can remember my days in theuniversity, when lecturers will just come to us with notes (notes we could haveeasily picked up from the library or internet and read on our own), when I remember those days I often ask myself the real job of the lecturercause if I remove the notes he has copied and read to us, I cannot actually seewhat he has done to make us learn.In our present materialistic world, the child is exposed to different stimuli, eachcraving his/her attention, this leaves the child as a victim of technology, peerpressure and social issues etc. so while the child sits in class looking vividly at theteacher(whos in his own world, fervently reciting facts and details of his coursecontent) the child could as well be thinking of Chelsea and how he/she intends tocelebrate the champions league victory or something else (like Facebook chat oreven pinging on his/her blackberry) because he is a passive participant inthe class, his/her attention can easily drift from the teachers monologue.So the teacher is today faced with an arduous task of gaining the childsattention and holding this attention till the end of his lecture.
  • 3. Whats true is:It can be achieved by discretionary use of questioning techniques. When questions are asked, the child is aware that hes going to be asked questions so hes very attentive not wanting the teacher to catch him unawares. Questions can also help the teacher in digging into the childs understanding, finding out what he knows, what he does not and correcting the wrong notions of the child. Questions also help leave the child in a state of active participation preventing his unconscious loss of attention while the class is on.Whether you are a Teacher, Pastor, Lecturer, or Businessman, Public speaker can actually make your presentation more lively if only you can appropriatelyutilize the questioning technique.. is a professional home tutoring institution (nursery to A-levels) that has been grooming teachers that help children find answers to livesquestions rather than using the conventional lecture method that has failedthus far.
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