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Play as students are in transition to their seatsMake Your MoveIt is time to take your turn!I have never been so nervous. Toughest crowd. Accept the challenge. I have one shot to reach you. It is a goal of mine. I am driven. You might be smarter than me. you might come from privilege, but you will not outwork me!#changemakersYour story, your life in which you have been taught valuable lessons about what it means to create a life that matters. You have leanred tese things but you must do something with it!

Change starts with you. I personally dont believe that the Power of One is enough. Look at anything that has been successful in life it has taken a team, an army of like minded individuals who believe. HOWEVER, these teams dont start until the the Power of One is ignited. You have to flip your switch. Why does MY LIFE matter?we all think this at some point - in bed, moments of mortality, make bad decisions, not sure when to make decisionsWhat makes the difference between success and failure for young people in our society?What are you afraid of?FEARwe dont know how to start and do our part. Whole life someone has paced us. Paced in school. Paced at home. Pace on the courts. What happens when we are released from being paced and given freedom. Are you ready?

In that stillness we find ourselves. Dont let your fear stop you. What have you done to be ready?

Have you set yourself up to be able to pace yourself. Have you identified the why and developed your mind to be ready to go alone?

Loons will leave if they hear the recorded noise of loons. You cannot fear the unknown. Go check things out, see what is around the corner, quit making excuses.Victory has defeated YOU

Hit life one good time right in the mouth. Batman, says Im Batman and Bane just laughs. Do you think it matters who you are? Some of you think that your name, where you come from means something. Bane says, victory has defeated youBatman cuts the light. Bane says the dark? Bane says you were adopted in the dark, I was born in the dark!I will break you because I am the dark.Recycle your pain and take your pain and let it push you to another level. Dont let someone stop you. You gotta make it happen.Past credentials dont mean anything!Change Your Perception

The key is not to prioritize whats on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.Stephen CoveyNot asking you to change the world, but to make a start. Stop making excuses, saying you dont have time.Life will punch you in the faceSuccess take work. Nothing is easy

An error only becomes a mistake when you refuse to correct it.

Say NO to being AverageAverage is everywhere. Look around you. Sitting around average. Does not have to be that way, but average is easy. You only live once so why waste your days being average? You get one shot at this thing called life.

Stay away from the CHEESE

Stop Waiting for Permission

Go, make art, do something. Make it happen. Dont compare yourself to others. Someone will always be better than you based on how you define better. More followers, more money, etc.

Goal is to change one person, not the world

Mindset is nothing new. But it starts here!

How does my son sit in class for 8 hours and come home and tell me he did not learn anything. Are you for real? I could blame the teacher, but NAH! that is not the problem. My son needs to own his leanring. He may not like. He might have to sit and grind, but his education is on him. He owns this and if he says he did not learn that is his fault. that is his loss. Pay Attention to Details

Details, perfection,same socks, same everything. Book studies, team prayer, hair shave(tell story shaving with no lotion). Farting before practice.He cared. He loved us and wanted us to be our best.

It is the little things that will break you. that is what he taught us. The small details matter. We don take enough time on small details.

Reach out to those that make you better before too late. I will never know if he read my letter. I waited too long to tell him the impact he had on my life and keeping me from making poor choices.Quit Making Excuses

Start Small

What is your WHY?

I have three kids now. I want to be a leader for them. I want to model what it means to live a life of greatness, a life with a purpose, a mission. I want them to be proud to walk by me in public. I want to leave a legacy that they remember and will inspire greatness in them.

My family does not want me to show this. Said it was too much. Taking things too far. Is this how you want to remember your grandfather. YES! He was driven despite his body dying. He was done. Held on until he knew me met his goals.

When I think of not running. Of not working hard. Im tired.

There are times when you dont want to get up. This is when you must act on principle and not emotions.When principle drives you, your values and your goals are the priorityWhen emotion drives you, your concern is how you feel at any given time.What are your principles that drive you? Do you even have any?

Go, make something happenDo work you are proud ofTreat people with respectMake big promises and keep themShip it out the door**When in doubt see #1**

Credit to Seth Godin5 Point SystemYou have to share. You cannot keep it to yourself. Creating is only part of it. The world must see your work! Go make art!#changemakersYour story, your life in which you have been taught valuable lessons about what it means to create a life that matters. You have leanred tese things but you must do something with it!

Everyone has a story. Never forget that. You are writing your story each day. Who you are now, who you have been in the past is part of the story. But you can write the future chapters. It just starts with making your move!Be a #PowerofOne