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Moving? Stressful job, right? But you can make your move whether commercial or residential effortless by hiring a Tampa moving company or just following the moving checklists which has five stages.


  • 1. The Moving CounTdown CheCklisT

2. Moving Countdown Involves Five Stages One month before your move Two weeks before your move One week before your move One day before your move The day of your move 3. One Month Before Your Move Pack stuff you rarely use or use at specific times of the year. Register with a new doctor, dentist, school etc near your new home. Book van hires, movers in Tampa FL and storage. Contact the utility providers and find out how to transfer the service they provide. 4. Two Weeks Before Your Move Book overnight accommodation if you need. Contact all utility and service firms to arrange supply to your new building. Notify your insurers, house and car etc., and make the necessary amendments. Arrange for your post to be redirected for at least three months. 5. One Week Before Your Move Make sure that all your packing is on target. Confirm your solicitor that moving date is on schedule. 6. One Day Before Your Move Notify everyone who sends you important mail about your new address including banks and credit card companies. Have an essentials box containing things like kettle, small tools (screwdriver, hammer, tape measure etc), telephone numbers of suppliers of services and more. If youre moving yourself, get hold of a sack truck and any other moving aids that you may need. Move all packed boxes into a suitable room downstairs. 7. The Day of Your Move Check whether everything is going as you planned. Make sure your sale and purchase are complete before the final steps. While leaving, go around your home including garage, sheds and garden to check if youre missing anything. 8. If you find difficulties in dealing with the above chores, seek the help of Petes Ultimate Movers, a licensed Tampa moving company. For queries, call at 888-789-4379 (toll free) or visit Happy Moving