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<ul><li><p> | 844.537.0329</p><p>Make Your MembersHappy Overview 555 Ways Trade Associations CanAdd Value for Members</p><p>Make Your Members Happy is a free eBook to help associations grow bysupporting recruitment and retention while increasing revenue streams</p><p>Topics include:</p><p>Making Friends with Millennials - People born since 1980 are future business leaders, customers, and association members. For any Trade Association or business to grow, the mindset and culture of Millennials must be considered. </p><p>Non-Dues Revenue Generating Options - Membership dues only go so far. What can your Association do to generate additional </p><p>revenue while providing added value to your members? </p><p>Cut the Cost of Compliance - Compliance with regulations and dealing with red tape are likely foremost in your members minds. What can your association do to help your members with compliance?</p><p>Partnering - Partnering with a company that can provide your members with payroll, human resources, </p><p>rewards programs, and wellness programs benefits everyone. Happy members = happy association. </p><p>EXTO offers a unique advantage to Trade Associationsat no cost - using no association resources.</p><p>Find out more about how EXTO can add value foryour members and grow your Trade Associations revenue!</p><p>Get Started</p><p>1.844.537.0329 |</p><p>Download the full eBook for free now</p><p></p><p>Page 1</p></li></ul>