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Cavalletti Communications ( and MROI ( presentation at BNI All About Business ( in 2012. Find out how we can help you grow your business: Tel: +61 (0)415 273 272 Email:


  • 1. Markeng & Communicaons Team

2. Markeng Team Kym Heernan 3. Kyms Background - Markeng 4. MROIs Philosophy Large Business Processes and Experse Well implemented for Pracces and Businesses Keys + Strategy Markets, Products, Posioning, Brand + Implemented well with great Markeng and Sales Systems + Provides Markets, Distribuon, Prospects, Customers and Clients = Consistent Sales and Prots = BeSer Valuaon for Business (Valuaon = Mulple x Prot) Markeng | Return On Investment 5. What does MROI Provide? 6. How MROI Delivers its Services Markeng Consulng Markeng and Sales strategies and ideas tailor-made to meet your needs with specic goals and specic target markets. Markeng Contracng or Outsourced Markeng The Markeng | Return on Investment team can provide the necessary sta and resources to make your Markeng Plans come to life. Markeng Agency Services Together with our specialist partners, Markeng Return on Investment oers you a one-stop shop for all markeng consulng and management services, allowing us to implement markeng acon plans, as well as to create them 7. Communicaons Team Daniela Cavalle[ & 12 Writers 8. Daniela Relates, Connects & Educates Intl Copywriter & Communicaons Expert 20 years Experience Markeng, Content & Business Development Industry Focus Finance, Creave & Publishing Bilingual (English/German) Understand Cultural Nuances Experse Corporate Career & Extensive Work with SME 9. What is that Copy in Copywring? copy (n.) 13th Century: a written account or record 15th Century: a reproduction or transcript Any specimen of writing Copy = Text in businessmarketing printonline 10. CavaComs Branding Mantra You only have 1 Chance to make that crucial 1st Impression 11. CavaCom Makes Your Words Work Business Markeng Content Development We write, edit, consult, mentor ghostwrite any wriSen word for you. Your Outsourced Comms Department Experse on tap without the stang cost. OneStop Creave Agency Services We project manage the experts so you can concentrate on doing your core business. If you can read it we can write it! 12. We Go Beyond Copywring If you can read it we can write it! Wring / Ghostwriting Eding Consulng Book Mentoring Teaching Workshops Creave Project Management 13. CavaComs Agency Model Benets of a Team vs. Soloist Writer: A large Pool of Experse No Downme (no key-person risk) Available when YOU need us Consistency / Partnership Cost-eecve (knowledge retained) 14. What is Ghost Wring? ghostwriter (noun) A person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author 15. Choose Your Words Wisely For a company its brand is like a reputaon for a person Hard To Build Easy To Lose 16. Your Brand - A Consistent Voice Tenders / RFPs Your Business Book Websites Financial Reports Brochures Blogs Case Studies Company Prole Social Media Press Releases Magazine Arcles E-Books Internal Communicaons White Papers SEO Wring Workshops / Conference Vision/Mission Statements Brand / Style Guides Manuals PowerPoint Presentaons Product Launches If you can READ it, CavaCom can WRITE it. 17. Visibility + Credibility = Protability? V + C = P There i??? s more to it! 18. Go Beyond V + C = P V + C = P V+C+P = Success 19. V+C+P = Success 20. Visibility Find the Perfect Client 21. Visibility Have a Clear Message Have a clear, distinctconsistentmessage 22. Visibility In the Right Channels The Zero MomentOf Truth 23. Credibility Deliver on Your Promises 24. Credibility Ideal Distribuon Build Distribution - So Others Tell Others 25. Credibility Tell the World! My business partner and I are extremelyhappy with the results provided by Danielaand her team at CavallettiCommunications. They provided us with great copy that sincenetted our business clear results. Rob Russell, Director 26. Protability - Build RelaEonships 27. Protability Measure KPIs Measure MarketingSales KPIs 28. Protability Rene What Works 29. MROI + CavaCom = Success Visibility +Credibility +Protability = Success that lasts 30. Why Work with MROI CavaCom? Markeng Planning and Execuon Cost Eecve Synergy Experts on Tap Proven, Fast Lasng Results 31. Ideal Referrals for V+C+P=S Legal BookkeepingAccounting Financial Planningrelated Engineering ITTechnical Services 32. Thank You for Listening Markeng Communicaons Team