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Presentation provides overview of recent (2013-201) social media statistics and report results from Nielsen, GlobalWebIndex, and PEW Internet Research. Outlines key facts about social media and offers some thoughts on taking advantage of this unique marketing channel.


<ul><li> 1. MakeRealCONNECTIONSSocial buzz is the force that delivers oomph in todays successful online marketing programs! Without a constant flow of shares likes comments and connections many businesses stand are missing out on a valuable competitive edge. 1</li></ul> <p> 2. 370.5M Unique U.S. users engaging in social media currently.IF YOUR BUSINESS DOESNT HAVE A SOCIAL BUZZ YOURE MISSING OUT! More and more people are engaging in popular social networks from their PC, mobile device, and even television or gaming platforms. In fact, many Americans simultaneously use smart phones and tablets while viewing television! During this browsing time, they actively search for products of interest, do a bit of shopping, pinning, and interacting through social media. 2 3. 64% PC+47% Mobile AppsAudiences using social media at least one time each day!370.5M UNIQUE U.S. USERS ENGAGING IN SOCIAL MEDIA 40% visit Facebook multiple times each day. The social media smartphone app audience increased 37% over the past year. Growing tablet smart phone users simultaneously engage in mobile web usage while watching TV.3 4. 47%People are spending more time on popular social networks than any other type of website!1004 MOBILE MINUTES SPENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. THATS OVER 16+ HOURS OF TIME! This is double the 8+ hours reported in 2012. Mobile access continues to increase as reported by the January 2014 Nielsen Digital Consumer Report.4 5. Breakdown by Social Network InstagramPinterestTwitter in millionsLinkedInFacebook0501001502002503003504005 6. HOW MUCH TIME WAS SPENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA?! 1004 Total Minutes SpentFacebook7:43 hoursInstagram3:40 hoursTwitter3:07 hoursPinterest1:39 hoursGoogle+0:11 hours6 7. MOBILE RETAIL BEHAVIOR76% Using store locator to find store.53% Purchasing a physical item or service on 66% Checking price. smartphone.40% Writing review or commenting on purchase.59% Researching item before purchase 7 8. SHARING, PINNING, SCOOPING, ETC. INCREASES YOUR CONNECTIVITY!350 M USERS 1Most of consumers PC time is spent engaging in Facebook, the most popular social network in our country.23"LIKE" ON FACEBOOK &amp; FANS ENGAGEMENT ! 1Fan Likes content on Brand Facebook Page or Website.2Like/Share posts on Fans News Feed.3Fans Friends See Like in News Feed. 8 9. 5700 tweets every second Twitter has 645+ million users with an average of 58 million tweets per day.PROSPECTING VIA TWITTER SYNERGISTIC EFFECT Twitter is used for entertainment, prospecting, locating niche audiences, generating branded buzz, brainstorming long tail keywords, and more.9 10. THE BEST SEO APPROACH CREATES CONNECTIONS!RESEARCHSTRATEGYCREATEPROMOTEBrand Analysis Business Objectives Target AudienceMarketing Strategy Content Strategy Design/ProgrammingOptimize Website Niche Content High Quality ContentSocial Media Buzz E-mail Marketing Secure Credible LinksSEO Research Overcoming Penalties Competitive Landscape DiversificationSocial Engagement Paid Advertising Diverse Content Content Marketing (Visual, Video, Guides) Editorial/PR Outreach 10 11. ABOUT US Gain a definitive edge over your competition. We provide much more than SEO and never outsource client work - ever! Our firm is 100% American. OUR MISSION Delivering performance-driven solutions for creative and compelling marketing that differentiates clients within their unique market space, while remaining finely-tuned for engagement and impact with target audiences. 11 12. Research Sources Nielson 2014 The Digital Consumer Nielsen 2012 Social Media Report Pew Internet &amp; American Life Project Global Web Index12 </p>