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    INTRODUCTION Afflt mrktng is a frm f performance based advertising. Whr wth a trdtnl dvrtng

    buy - let's say t' in a mgzn - n dvrtr pays an up frnt fee t l their message nd gmbl

    that th wll mk money, wth performance-based dvrtng the advertiser pays no u-frnt t fr

    th placement. Rthr, they fundamental f every time a particular tn - urhng a rdut,

    gnng-u for a rv - tkn. Afflt mrktng connects ntnt ublhr nd mrhnt working

    in relevant market nh, often through the n fflt network.

    What is n 'Afflt'?

    An 'fflt' is jut a fn nm fr anyone wh ublh ntnt. Affiliates n hv mn t of

    ltfrm - a l ntwrkng site, a blg, an -ml nwlttr - anything rll. Th fflt rt

    mllng content to drv trff t their t. Th mbd relevant dvrtmnt n thr site, either

    drtl n th ntnt r djnt t it. If th affiliate is mllng, users wll lk n th ffr

    displayed on thr t. If th ur tk the merchant's desired tn, th fflt rv a mmn.

    Wht a 'merchant'?

    A mrhnt a dvrtr with a product t sell. They develop ad-content nd l t n affiliate sites.

    Th affiliates generate ntnt to drive ur t th fflt' t and convince thm t lk on the

    merchant's ffr. When th user tk the mrhnt' drd action - urh a rdut, l fr a

    rdt rd, signs-up for n e-mail nwlttr - th merchant a mmn t th fflt.

    What 'fflt ntwrk' nd why d w nd thm?

    Th rdgmt xml of fflt mrktng Amzn dvld a rgrm in th

    late 1990 where ntnt publishers n gn-u fr n 'affiliate account'. A ublhr, let's say a blg

    about mrtgg lndng, rvw a book called Lrnng the B f Mrtgg Lndng nd nlud a

    lnk to purchase t. If the user lk th lnk nd bu the bk, th fflt rv a mmn ul

    t a percentage f th purchase.

    Th mdl wrk wll fr a ndutr giant, but mt merchants dn't want t (r can't) nvt n the

    internal capacity t l fflt d n th mnnr - it jut isn't t fftv. Enter th fflt

    network. Afflt ntwrk connect ntnt publishers wth mrhnt. A mrhnt dvl a campaign

    and gv t t th ntwrk. Th fflt ntwrk gv its fflt th rtunt t place th offer on

    their t f th fl t wll rfrm wll there. The fflt network takes care of ll th grunt wrk frm

    rvng d t making mnt t affiliates. This w th xtng rtunt afforded b affiliate

    mrktng r open to a much lrgr gru of mrhnt nd ublhr.

    Of ur, there are ndl rfnmnt, kll, and trick-of-the-trade t b xlrd, but that's fflt

    marketing n a nutshell.

    Afflt marketing a form f rfrmn based dvrtng. Whr with a trdtnl dvrtng

    bu - lt' it's in a mgzn - n dvrtr pays an u front f t l their mg nd gambles

    tht they will make mn, with performance-based advertising the advertiser pays no up-front t fr

    the placement. Rthr, th pay an f vr tm a specific tn - purchasing a rdut, gnng-u fr

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    a rv - was taken. Afflt mrktng nnt content ublhr nd mrhnt working n

    rlvnt market nh, ftn through a fflt network.

    Wht is n 'Afflt'?

    An 'affiliate' just a fn nm for nn wh publishes ntnt. Afflt can hv mn types f

    ltfrm - a social networking t, a blg, n e-mail newsletter - nthng rll. Th affiliate rt

    mllng ntnt to drv traffic t their t. Th mbd rlvnt dvrtmnt n thr site, thr

    directly n th ntnt or djnt t t. If th fflt mllng, users wll lk n the ffr

    dld on their sites. If th ur tk the merchant's drd action, th affiliate receives a commission.

    Wht is a 'mrhnt'?

    A mrhnt is a dvrtr wth a rdut t ll. They dvl d-ntnt nd place it on fflt sites.

    Th fflt gnrt content to drive ur to th fflt' site nd nvn them t lk on th

    mrhnt' ffr. When th ur tk th mrhnt' drd action - urh a product, applies fr a

    rdt card, signs-up for an -ml nwlttr - th mrhnt pays a mmn t th affiliate.

    Wht 'fflt network' nd why d w nd them?

    The paradigmatic example f fflt mrktng is Amzn.m. Amzn dvld a program n th

    late 1990s whr ntnt publishers n sign-up fr n 'fflt unt'. A publisher, lt' a blg

    about mortgage lending, reviews a book lld Lrnng th B of Mrtgg Lndng and includes a

    lnk t urh it. If th ur clicks th lnk and bu th bk, the fflt receives a mmn ul

    to a rntg f th urh.

    Th mdl wrk well fr n ndutr giant, but mt merchants dn't want t (r n't) nvt in the

    internal t t l fflt d n th manner - t jut n't cost fftv. Entr th fflt

    ntwrk. Afflt ntwrk connect content ublhr wth mrhnt. A mrhnt dvl a

    campaign nd gv t t th network. Th fflt network gv t affiliates th rtunt to l

    th ffr on their t f they fl t wll rfrm wll thr. Th fflt ntwrk takes care of ll the

    grunt wrk frm rvng d t mkng mnt t fflt. The th way the xtng rtunt

    ffrdd b fflt mrktng r n t a muh larger group f merchants and ublhr.

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    AFFILIATE MARKETER The fld f fflt marketing rbbl the quickest developing w t make money nln. Aftr ll,

    blln of rdnr people u ntrnt vr day. Afflt mrktng gv u the rtunt t trgt

    potential utmr regardless of their ltn n th world.

    For th reason, t isn't surprising that a hug numbr of l mk a considerable munt f money

    through affiliate advertising nd mrktng. Many klld affiliate mrktr end u mkng more mn

    in th fld than they did in thr rvu jb, and hence m f thm vn rgn their nrml 9-5 jb

    and pursue affiliate mrktng full-tm.

    A Quick Ovrvw On Afflt Mrktng

    Nw tht we hv a lttl d about th t f fflt mrktng, Let's dig n nd du what t

    trul includes.

    Th easiest w t describe fflt mrktng whn u hl nthr mn ll thr rdut

    nln, nd thn u gt paid a commission fr h sale u bring t thm.

    If you are rmtng a rdut rd t $200, nd th mn pays you 10 percentage commission f

    th l, you wuld make $10 for h l.

    Hwvr how d u rfr sales? Yu n bgn rmtng your seller's rdut n ur wbt, which

    rv trgtd site visitors n the m niche as the rdut you r dvrtng. For example, if u

    hv a wbt that sells mku u would nt advertise health insurance, but ntd you uld promote

    mku rltd products. Evr time n f ur wbt' vtr clicks on ur affiliate link which w

    uld to u by the seller, you will b paid a mmn.

    Hw To Choose A Gd Affiliate Ntwrk

    One of th lrgt rrr nw affiliate marketers mk becoming a mmbr of nrl h fflt

    ntwrk they nuntr. Th wthut a dubt ndrd t b a totally nrrt technique. That is du

    t enough m reasons.

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    Frtl, being n affiliate marketer n undrtkng whh ll for a lt of wrn. S, f you tr and

    wrk wth mn fflt ntwrk t the m time, hn r tht nn f ur nttv mght go

    lnnd and nuntl, nn f thm mght nd u bng vr uful.

    Secondly, focusing n just n or a few rdut without a doubt wll let u rrh thm thoroughly

    before u trt t promote them. This mthd l hl u rfn ur trtg, making the rurd

    djutmnt, and thu making ur mrktng a whole lt mr powerful. A fftv rh will ld

    better outcomes, nd reward u for ur ffrt nd tm.

    Thirdly, mk ur u d m research n the affiliate network thr are m ntwrk tht wll

    only u once a month which might nt wrk for u r worse th uld not you t ll. I am not

    tllng th t discourage u from bng n affiliate mrktr, but ntd I wnt u t ud n

    finding the correct network and products to mrkt nd mk ur commission.

    Thr r fflt ntwrk tht rrt t "hvng," a very regular exercise n affiliate mrktng whr

    th ntwrk dl a discounted numbr of l than what you referred, nuntl ng u

    drtll less n mmn.

    Hn, t avoid been a vtm t this tn I wuld suggest that you tk to knwn nd trutd fflt

    ntwrk. In n , th only w you will ud wth a ntwrk is if you are mfrtbl wth thm

    and th rdut u r promoting.

    Hw T Strt Gttng Sl As An Afflt Marketer

    Getting ntntl t th nt, some fflt mrktr use l md web t nludng Fbk,

    Twttr, YuTub, nd mr, fr doing t marketing, thr dd t buld ut thr wn t.

    Gttng your t a xtnl rh t fflt mrktng, bu t gv u ntrl vr


    So we wll focusing n fflt mrktng using ur wn t mvng forward. First matters first, as

    mntnd rlr, u will want t fnd an affiliate network you're mfrtbl with. Th includes bng

    knwldgbl but th rdut you r promoting, that u dn't m t b llng rdut u

    don't know nthng but.

    Amzn' Associate Program

    Tht bng said, many mrktr lk t Amazon's t marketing program n f th bt. It'

    possibly th mt trutwrth ntwrk, and h a large nvntr f rdut to promote nd get your


    This ffr u a possibility to rmt nrl n product n th market, or k a nh wth lw

    mttn nd u could be earning commissions n l thn a week.

    Finding A Gd Kwrd

    That is considered to b n of th hrdt rt of mrktng. Yu ml nnt blndl h n

    keyword nd xt t trt mkng l ukl. On f th reasons wh many affiliate marketers fl is

    du to ung a wrng keyword.

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    If u are nw to the fflt marketing, you r gng t want keywords that have low mttn. Start

    ur kwrd rrh b finding lng tail keywords wth a low rh volume, tht mn much less

    mn, but nt rll wth the ones tht hv lrg competition.

    You m test th t 10 and 20 results nd d a few tud t discover f u may outrank thm. Review

    kwrd bng used b th mttn t determine f th are ung dntl key hr u are

    lkng t target. If th are, nd th hv a high authority wbt in that nh, I wuld rmmnd

    tht you keep w frm tht nh, nd opt fr a brand nw, l mttv.

    Qult Cntnt