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Make money online immediately shows you how to start making money fast and easy. It is a detailed step by step guide for globalpublicash system.


  • 1. Make Money Online Immediately 2013 DY SONIH FIDIC VENTURES 7/11/2013

2. Global PubliCash The New System of Wealth Distribution The More You Give The More You Win! Great income potential without any risk Starting with only $10 3. How it Work GlobalPubliCash is an international system, which can generate quite good earnings within relatively short time. Its characterized by the fact that all participants generate positive cash flow. Our revenue is directly depending on the size of the partnership structure, in other words a larger network referrals mean more money to feed budget. This is a great system that allows you to quite easily create a source additional income (absolutely you do not have to give up your current job). This is not a trading (investment) system, a flow chart of money in any case does not coincide with a system based on illegal pyramid scheme. The program is Spanish-speaking, as it was established in one of the countries of Latin America (and more specifically Central America ) Nicaragua . To join the system, you must transfer $10 to a person who is directly above us in the structure (not always a partner with whom to register; its the result of the organization based on binary matrix). 4. Financial flow chart is introduced in below attached drawing: Thus, after the transfer of $10 fee, your sponsor confirms the payment and activates your account. If we obtain two people who pay us $ 10 we are filling our first level in the structure and we have to activate level 2. In order to activate the level 2 we have to pass $15 to a person designated by the system which is in the structure two levels above us. In this case our cash flow is $ 5. From second level we receive four payments by $15 and the cost of third level activation is $25 (payment to the person who is three levels above us) so our cashflow is $ 35. From third level we get eight payments by 25 dollars, and the cost of the fourth level activation is $50 (payment to the person four levels above us) so our balance sheet is then $ 150 . On the fourth level you get 16 payments by $50 (total $800), the cost of 5. promotion to the next stage the activation of golden matrix is $100 that is us $700. At this point we close silver matrix, which is illustrated below. We can continue our career and earn more money in GOLDEN MATRIX. To go to this matrix we have to be at level 4 and receive a minimum of 2 x $50 = $100 in the silver matrix. Partners of the matrix stay with us. We continue to receive donations from the silver matrix. The cost of buying placement in the golden matrix is $100. Golden matrix is illustrated below: 6. Total income of the matrix is $9 790. If you want to earn more and participate in a PLATINUM MATRIX, we pay $1 000 for a placement. To enter into the platinum matrix we have to be at level 4 in golden matrix and receive a minimum of 2 x $500 = $1 000 in the matrix. Partners from the golden matrix stay with us. You still get donations from the silver and golden matrix. The Platinum Matrix is shown in the picture below: 7. Total revenue in the matrix platinum is $98 791. We are able to buy a placement in the next DIAMOND MATRIX. The cost is $9 999. To get it you have to be on the fourth level in platinum matrix and receive a minimum of 2 x $5 000 = $10 000 in the matrix. Partners of the matrix platinum stay with us. You still get donations from the silver, golden and platinum matrix. In this case we can get revenue of $668 734. In order to develop own referrals structure we should use very simple working system: find two partners and help them to do the same (sign up two people). In this way, the proper duplication of activities will guarantee the gradual development of your organization. 8. Why I recommend Global PubliCash? - Low initial investment, to start earning we have to pay only $10 - The program operates in the binary system, therefore its enough if we refer only 2 people - automatic flow control system of donations - No intermediaries in the transferred payments - No charge for the system or service - 3 levels of matrix: silver level, golden level, platinum level, diamond level Feel free to contact me if you need any further information on 08058242471. 9. Registration in Global PubliCash To start the process of registration in the program GlobalPubliCash the first step you should take is to find a right sponsor who will refer you into this system. That person need to provide you with correct affiliate link, and you can sign-up into GlobalPubliCash using the corresponding website. In order to join my team, click the following link: Registration in GlobalPubliCash Go to the following page: where you have to type your email in corresponding check box (Email Principal) and click the banner 10. Acceder al Video Gratuito. I recommend to use Gmail because it works perfectly with GlobalPubliCash and for safety reason as well. You will go to a form where you enter your basic data: Email Principal email that you typed in the previous step, you will be assigned automatically Tu Usuario your username Tu Password your password Nombre First name Apellidos Last name Tu Pais from drop-down list select the country of residence We complete more contact details, such as the name of Skype, Facebook profile and next enter code displayed in the picture and click Registrate! You will be redirected to the page where you can find the confirmation of registration data: 11. An email message will be delivered with an activation link. Click on correct marked link. Go to the page with the information that is prepared for you a special system presentation. Click on Acceder al Video Gratuito. 12. Go to that presentation: Click on banner Click Aqui para Ingresar Go to your account login page: 13. Enter your user name and password, then click ACCEDER A MI CUENTA. You go to your dashboard, where you have the information about a user name, as a sponsor also notice that you need to activate your account by arranging payment for this person. 14. Click on ACCEDER AHORA! Go to the page where you have a table with data about payment option you can choose in order to transfer the 10$ fee: If your sponsor is in Nigeria then you can chose local bank deposit. If you need help on this call +2348058242471 15. Select a processor, such as Payza if you have your funds available there. Make the required transfer and save the transaction code (this is very important). In the yellow form: you need to enter the data and send your payment information. Select the right processor which you have used to arrange money transfer, enter the transaction code, your user name and level 1 then click on Enviar Notification de Pago. Therefore, the information about the payment has been sent. 16. We look forward now to confirm the payment; you can also send an email to recipient with additional information about the transferred payment. On the following page, you get a confirmation that your payment information is sent to the recipient. Now you are waiting for confirmation from payment recipient. The person who got payment must enter own account GlobalPubliCash and confirm it, of course its needed to check money transfer into corresponding payment processor. This is the recipients payment page with information about the transaction: 17. On the next page you will see all of the transaction data that you need to confirm by clicking Aprobar. It is necessary to do that within 72 hours, otherwise registered person is removed from the system. Before you log out from the system please check in your downline structure if the person is already registered and placed in your matrix. You can do that by selecting from the menu below according to the attached picture: 18. Very important point: please complete your payment details: This is very important due to the fact that the new person in your structure must have information how to give you a donation. 19. Back-office Guide If you already have registered your account in GlobalPubliCash and its also activated you need some information how to update some important data and how to track our structure development. To log in to your account, click: GlobalPubliCash login You will go to the home page of your backoffice: So you can manage your account. Pagina de Inicio it is the initial page containing your affiliate link and information on what level you are currently on and if you have active or inactive referrals (Miembros y Prospectos; Activos, Inactivos) and a summary of payments received by you (Ingresos) plus money transferred to your partners (Egresos). In the first tab on the left side you can edit various types of data. Datos de Accesso account access data: 20. where you edit the login password. Datos de Registro registration data: Here you can complete: your name, country of residence, province, city, and current address. Datos de Contacto contact data: 21. At this point, enter your phone number, Skype name, Facebook profile, Email address. Imagen Personal your photo or avatar On this page you edit your photo or avatar. 22. Opciones de Pago payment options: This is a newest option implemented within last days. In this case you create own account and use this internal GPC bank to make all the necessary financial operations. In the tab Procesadores de Pago you can update payment processors data like Payoneer, EgoPay and PayPal. The full list of procesors you can find on following screen: In the tab Monedas Virtuales you update your virtual currency data: 23. Liberty Reserve , Perfect Moneyand SolidTrustPay (they are also called payment processors). In the tab Pagos Off-line you can update your data about offline payments mode: Western Union, Money Gram. 24. In the section Deposito en Tu Cuenta Bancaria please enter your bank account number, which you can also use to transfer all payments. In the second tab from the left side