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Brought a lot of my education practices into advertising-fast forward 7 years as Founder & CEO of a digital marketing agency



AdStore Aisle Full of ProductsPurchase Product from AdLessonTest/LifeCorrect Answers/Correct Choices

#AdvertisingAd-------Store aisle full of products-------Purchase product from adLesson-------Test/Life---------------Correct answers/Correct choices4

Marketing Tools of the Trade

User Journey




Customer PersonaMeasurement

#This slide would be great if it could show these in a icon way

User JourneyCustomer PersonaObjectivesInsights StrategyMeasurement


User Journey

Customer Persona

#This slide would be great if it could show these in a icon way

User JourneyCustomer PersonaObjectivesInsights StrategyMeasurement


Persona Development: businessPERSONASKey PointsNeedsDepartment headHighly mobileReal-time digital consumptionAuthentic, centralized source of informationFactual, unbiased and actionable informationAssistant teacherDigital use for work during personal timeDigestible and actionable informationFormalized central learning resourcesCollege administratorHigh comfort level with digital technology for work useAuthoritative resource for continuing learning for improved practiceCentral community to learn, engage and shareDean of school of scienceOnline search secondary to known networking resourcesTrusted source with actionable informationQuick payoff for continued engagementDirector of marketingAccess to online sources for work during personal timeAccess to new strategies and technologiesSupportive community to encourage improved practice

#Chart from Hearing First with all the different personas or Personas done recently for TNC were really cool.

Show business example7

Persona development: StudentPERSONASLearning StyleMediumFamilyFriendsMusicPABLOAudioSmartphoneBigManyEclecticJUNEVisualPen and Paper2 DadsFewTop 40TOMMYInterpersonalPeer GroupSingleNoneClassical

#For the life of your students: goal is to show how diverse different students can be who all need to learn same information-this is the teachers challenge-may need to be a chart with titles and labels because this is a ton of info (similar to HF chart-doesnt mean you need to use HF as example)Would be helpful to show that there is more than one type of student-if you can do 3, I would do 1 hispanic boy, 1 girl, 1 with a disability-wheelchair maybe?Learning styles: Audio, visual, kinesthetic, interpersonalDevices-pen and paper, smartphone, desktop computerMusic: classical, top 40, eclecticFamily: big, single mom, 2 dadsFriends: none, many, fewActivities: church, sports, clubs, 8

User Journey: Business

GretaAge: 40Gender: FemaleHHI: 89K/yrType of Pool: Above-groundOther: Married with a 5 year old daughter, has owned a pool for 2 years

Last time I tested this water the pH and Chlorine Levels werent right. I followed some instructions that they gave me, but I think I should test it again to see if the problem is fixed.Types website into browser from packagingFollows instructions and uses Test Kit to test poolClicks Continue as Guest LinkAfter reading everything on the page, Greta realizes that she can continue as a guestI dont want to have ANOTHER login. Whats the benefit of having a login anyway? Do I really have to create an account to use this feature?Enters information into Water Testing TableClicks Analyze Readings CTA button Reads results and finds out that her Chlorine and pH levels are in fact wrongRecommends allowing sunlight to dilute chlorine levels and using pH Minus to solve the pH Problem Decides to go back to website that told her which product to getRealizes that the page is showing all results and not the specific product she needsThe Home Depot Search Results Page (opens in the same window)Clicks The Home Depot logoReads instructions and then understands that she can click retailer to buy onlineWater Testing Results/Recommended ProductsTakes note of product nameClicks on The Home Depot Logo againProceeds to purchase online from The Home Depot

Clicks WATER TESTING in primary navigationHome Page

Water Testing Login/ Proceed Page

Water Testing PageHow am I supposed to buy this product?Scrolls until she finds pH MinusThe Home Depot Search Results Page

#Could we use the user jorney for Hearing First? We cant have Hearing First or private client info on it so we may need to rethink a few points. If not, are there other clients who we have done user journeys for? Ferguson, ACS, CTA, TNC?9

User Journey: Student

#Can we have a 10 year old hispanic boy? Life in the day of a student: should look busy and full with school representing 1/2 of time and all other things also filling half of their timeWake up-Travel to school-friendsSchool Day-Lessons-teacherSocial Influences-Locker time/Lunchroom or other maybe show kid with peers and many word bubbles to represent lots of influencesAfter school-show devices, sports, studies/homework, dinner, clubs, Bedtime


Make it stickKnow your audience beyond the classroom(Personas & User Journey)Teach to the needs of your different groups (Personas)Understand how/where they are absorbing knowledge and find ways to incorporate into that (User Journey)

#Know your audience beyond the classroom (personas & user journey)

Teach to the needs of your different groups (personas)

Understand how/where they are absorbing knowledge and find ways to incorporate into that (User Journey)11

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