make it simple, make business agile ——huawei it new products

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Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile ——Huawei IT New Products

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  • Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile Huawei IT New Products
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  • Innovation Makes Computing Simple FusionServer Efficient Computing FusionServer
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  • Optimized for Workloads Big Data, HPC Workload Virtualization, Cloud Workload NowNext General Purpose Server Mission-Critical Workload Core Business Workload Past Service Driven Infrastructure Internet of Things New Experiences
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  • Breakthrough performance limits Build the best server SSD storage controller SSD CPU Interconnect ManagementNetwork
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  • Enterprise key services Large-scale deployment in datacenter Integration of IT infrastructure E9000 X6000 X8000 RH5885 RH8100 16-socket+ midrange computer X6800 SSD card Converged network IO card RH1288 RH2288
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  • Converged Infrastructure 5 5 Leading Energy Efficiency Leading Energy Efficiency Leading Expansion Capability Leading Expansion Capability Support 6 standard PCIe card in one full-width slot A single chassis supports 48 standard PCIe cards 4 4 1 1 Leading Computing Density 32*2P nodes and 64*Romley EP 130W CPU per chassis Maximum floating point performance 16.5TFlops / chassis 2 2 Leading Storage Density CH222 V3 (full-width) support 15*2.5-inch HDDs Single-frame support 120*2.5-inch HDDs 3 3 Leading Switch Performance Leading Switch Performance E9000 switch module base on advanced Huawei DataCenter Switch Technology 15.6T midplane switch capacity, support maximum 128*10GE ports and evolution to IB EDR and 100GE Support Ethernet, IB, and FC ports, flexible networking Rank first in China Mobile and China Unicom competition testing Energy Star certification FusionServer E9000
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  • 60 RAS features 1.6x Performance vs. IBM P780 8SNC Chips16/32-Socket 10x performance Best Choice for critical business and RISC to IA FusionServer RH8100
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  • FusionServer X6800 15% TCO Saving ComputeStorage Acceleration Optimized for Big data and Cloud
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  • Provides eight slots. Supports four dual-slot server nodes Will support eight single-slot compute nodes, two four-slot compute nodes, or one eight-slot compute node. Server module 447 mm 175 mm 898 mm Slot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5Slot 6Slot 7Slot 8 Heat dissipation hole Front management network port Side View of the X6800 Chassis
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  • management board HMM Four redundant PSUs 750 W/1200 W AC platinum (94%) or 800 W DC gold (92%) Eight rear half-height half-length PCIe 3.0 x8 slots Five counter-rotating fan modules supporting one- fan failures N+1 redundancy and 3000 W heat dissipation capability Rear View of the X6800 Chassis
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  • Helped Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias Improve (Server& Storage)Operational Efficiency No Single-Point-Of-Failure (SPOF) to ensure secure and reliable operation
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  • Helped Bolsas y Mercados Espaoles Build an Open Financial Platform Balanced computing and storage design TCO reduced by 60%
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  • Helped Arsys Implement a Green Data Center High reliability and a failure rate 15% lower than the industry average SEE YOU in the CLOUDS!
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  • Helped RED.ES Implement a high performance computing Unified management and centralized maintenance simplify the IT resources and reduce the O&M cost.
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  • Help Liga BBVA Provide Stable IT(Server & Storage ) service Lower down power by 15% Decrease TCO by 30%
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  • Thanks!