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Make a difference one page at a time.WelcomeThank youIntroduce yourself and explain why youre passionate about sharing Read to Succeed with folks1

From Planning to ActionRead to Succeed began in 2010 with leadership from United Way, Greater Lafayette Commerce and our three local school corporations with great support from the business community. Gary Henriott has championed this group called Community Commitment to Education since its beginning.

According to research, academic success, as defined by high school graduation, can be predicted with reasonable accuracy by knowing someone's reading skill at the end of grade 3 (Slavin et al., 1994). This group decided it was important to support our schools and teachers in helping our children learn to read.

In 2013, the same leadership group began exploring early education and its role in preparing children to be successful when entering Kindergarten. This fall, Community Commitment to Education will launch a local bornlearning awareness campaign along with piloting bornlearning academies to give parents hands on experiences to help them become their childs first and best teacher. 2Read to Succeed is a community initiative designed to motivate our community to engage in our students academic success.

Community CollaborationThis collaborative effort is led by our three local public school corporations, Greater Lafayette Commerce and United Way of Greater Lafayette.3Read to Succeed places volunteers in local schools to focus on improving early grade reading skills.

Students learn to read through 3rd grade. After 3rd grade they are reading to learn.The FocusWhy is this important?4Read to Succeed GrowthRead to Succeed began with a small summer pilot in 2011 at Miller Elementary School. We put 20 volunteers into 5 classrooms, and everyone loved it. Teachers and students benefited from the additional support and volunteers had a great time learning about reading in a local classroom.

That fall, we added four more schools, and you can see weve continued to grow each school year. In the fall of 2014, we plan to have Read to Succeed volunteers in every public elementary school in Tippecanoe County.5Beginning the Next ChapterVolunteersEstimated # of StudentsClassroomsSchoolsSummer 2011207551Fall 20112331,500755Fall 20124003,60018210January 20134163,80019411Fall 20135354,40025815Projection for Fall 2014650.6,00032519This chart details our growth each school year, and you can see our ambitious plans for this fall. Weve had outstanding support from current and past volunteers, but we need more help to reach this many students in Tippecanoe County. 6Results

STUDENTS PASSING IREAD-3 ASSESSMENTEach year, third graders across the state take the IREAD-3 exam to assess their literacy skills. Students must pass this standardized test to move on to fourth grade. You can clearly see that a positive change is occurring in our local schools. We know that Read to Succeed is one part of this positive change.7ResultsSchools also are reporting:Better attendance in classrooms with Read to Succeed volunteers.Fewer disciplinary office visits in classrooms with Read to Succeed volunteers.

Were hearing more positive news from the schools that Read to Succeed is good for more than improving literacy skills. 8You can make a difference. Volunteer today!What is expected of a volunteer?Volunteer one hour per weekAttend orientationRegular attendanceFollow instruction of the teacher

What are the benefits?Contributing to the betterment of students in our communityDeveloping assets for youthCreating an educated workforce for our community

We need your help to continue moving the needle forward!

Volunteers commit to being in their classroom for 1 hour each week during the school year. 9Are we asking a lot?Partner opportunities are available:Find a buddy Sign up for a slotShare the responsibility by alternating weeks or covering for each other when schedules change

One hour each week is a big commitment, but you can share the time with a partner.

Read to Succeed staff can also help you find a buddy if you need help.

10Business Support Organizations can choose one or more partnering option.

Our partners:Provide financial support Provide volunteer supportAdopt education friendly business policies

Many businesses and local non-profit organizations provide support for Read to Succeed with our partnership program.

Support can look many different ways with the ability to select one or more options.

(NOTE: If you are speaking at business or organization that is a partner be sure to say thank you!)11Community Commitment to Education PartnersStuart and BraniginThe Journal & CourierWabash NationalWal-MartWLFI TV-18Kirby RiskLafayette Savings BankPurdue Federal Credit UnionSchool Date BooksSubaru of Indiana AutomotiveThese are our financial partners for Community Commitment to Education. Their funds support Read to Succeed and bornlearning efforts. 12Advantage Title, Inc.AloricaArnisAuto ExpressBauer Family ResourcesCrisis Center & 211Eight38 Sign CoEvonik CorporationFamily Services Inc.Food Finders Food BankGirl Scouts of Central IndianaHanna Community CenterIndiana University HealthKathy Mayer WritingLafayette Rotary 3411

Lafayette Transitional Housing CenterM.A.I.L. Inc.ManpowerOld National BankRadian ResearchRed Fox FlowersRegions BankRiggs Community Health CenterStanley SteemerTippecanoe County ChildcareTucker InsuranceWabash CenterWBAAYWCA

Community Commitment to Education SupportersThese organizations support Community Commitment to Education by providing volunteers or making their workplace education friendly.

The staff can provide your business with education friendly business practices to consider adopting. For example, your organization could adopt a school and do a school supply drive or your leadership might decide to allow parents paid time to away from work to volunteer in their childrens classrooms. 13Its all about alignment No one can do this aloneWorking together-collaborating, cooperating, coordinatingHaving a clear, simple, widely accepted goal-3rd graders reading this is our flag on the hillTo succeed, everyone has to join the fun!

We need help! Individuals can volunteer. Companies can provide support. We are all in this together.

We need to give our kids the best shot we can so they have better opportunities and Tippecanoe County continues to thrive. 14Thank you!Questions?Encourage you to consider volunteering for Read to Succeed. It has been a great experience for me because___________________________Thank you again for your time today.15Chart2

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