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Thinking of entering the field of Education? Read through MUST Universitys Education Brochure to get all information related to the MUST Universitys School of Education. Get to know about the programs application process, the courses offered, the benefits provided and career prospects related to the field of Education.


<ul><li> 1. Worlds L ar gest Universit y www. mus majors/educationEducation </li> <li> 2. Table of Contents 01 Education School About Education School Faculty at MUSTs Education School 04 Earning Potential and Job Opportunities for Education Graduates 05 Success Stories 05 Degree Programs 08 Programs Offered Associate Degree Program 10 Bachelors Degree Associate-to-Bachelors Degree Program 11 High School Diploma-to-Bachelors Degree Program 12MUST Masters Degree 12 Diploma Programs 14 Undergraduate Diploma 16 Graduate Diploma 17 Certificate Programs 18 Undergraduate Course Certificate 20 Graduate Course Certificate 21 Undergraduate Certificate 22 Graduate Certificate 23 </li> <li> 3. Table of Contents Majors offered in Education School 24Differentiating Factors of Quality of Education 30Education SchoolDifferentiating Factors of Business Affordability 32 33and Management School Ease and Flexibility Quickness 34 36MUST University About MUST University 38MUST University MUST around the world 39 In the Press Why Study at MUST 40MUST Student Services 42 Alumni Services 44 Contact Us 45 </li> <li> 4. About Education School Education School Through accredited online degree programs from MUST School of Education, we prepare leaders in education and to generate knowledge to improve student opportunity, achievement, and success. The online graduate degrees are complied to gear the development of teachers into professional instructors and school administrators. The online programs at the MUST School of Education prepare students for leadership roles in groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary job roles that shape educational practices around the globe. The online degree programs of MUST School of Education are created considering the modern Education sector that comprises offers instruction and training in an extensive diversity of subjects. Most teaching positions-which comprise roughly half of all educational services jobs-require at least a bachelors degree, and several require a masters or doctoral degree.EDUCATION SCHOOLEDUCATION SCHOOL 01 </li> <li> 5. Faculty at MUST University MUST University is committed to maintaining high quality of education and ensuring that it imparts education that will help our graduates succeed in their professional lives. At MUST, every member of our faculty comes with impressive qualifications and considerable experience. We have highly qualified faculty members from around the world and you will learn a great deal from their on-field experiences with respect to international practices, industry standards and other important things; therefore you get to learn international practices, industry standards and important lessons learnt from their on-field experience. We have adjunct (visiting) and permanent faculty, who are teachers as well as dedicated working professionals. They have advanced degrees and substantial experience in their respective fields, enabling them to bring a powerful combination of theory and practical expertise to the classroom.Isaac NagaoJapanEDUCATION SCHOOLEDUCATION SCHOOL 02 </li> <li> 6. Faculty at Michel Lavergne USA ialist MUST University ion Spec in Relig Masters School ion Educat Heather M. Harris USA Brett s Joyce Busines ounting/ Austral y B.S. Acc School ion ia Educat Bach e Educ lor of ed Willia Schiem ation uc Scho ation pri ol mary USA ber M.A. in Educ Physic Andre ation s -- Scho -- &amp; Phil ol Saqib Lawe Justin Zamir Abdull USA Petrillo Saudia a Arabia h ation USA Of Educ Ms E Doctor School ience...</li></ul>