mak, chun fai (jack) chan, ning yuen (wilson) xing, jun (angelina) haung, yinjun (kerry)

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Mak, Chun Fai (Jack) Chan, Ning Yuen (Wilson) Xing, Jun (Angelina) Haung, Yinjun (Kerry) Slide 2 Eat Me Up Cookie Company try to provide people the best quality of cookies. We want our customer taste happiness, love and enjoyment in our cookie. Every individual material is selected strictly by our system. All cookies are as delicious as homemade. Eat Me Up Cookie, Eat me up!! Slide 3 Eat Me Up Cookie Company first founded in 1946, it was just a small bakery. The bakery was mainly focused on cookie. During our 64 years of making cookies, we have created many style of cookies and welcome by people. Our best cookies is the traditional chocolate chips almond cookie, it has been popular for 64 years. Now, the company provide the best cookies to our customers. Slide 4 Cookie Quality: Size: 6-8 cm Appearance: Circle, Moon shape Special feature: Mike, Almond, White/ dark Chocolate Slide 5 Recipe (material for 20 cookies) Flour ----------------------------------150g Salt-------------------------1/8 teaspoon Butter---------------------------------100g Granulated Sugar--------------------75g Eggs--------------------------------------1 Almond----------------------3 soup spoon Chocolate chips------------1 soup spoon Cocoa-------------------------2 soup spoon Slide 6 1.)Preheat oven to 375F 2.)Combine Flour, and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, granulated sugar, eggs in large mixer bowl until creamy. Stir in almond or nuts. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto the baking sheet. 3.)Bake For 15 minutes, Cool on baking sheets for 5 minutes Slide 7 Cost per cookie: $0.853 - Number of cookies produced: 60 - Number of meeting specs: 50 - Number rejected: 0 - Number reworked: 0 - Number sampled for the quality control: 10 -Unexplained difference: 0 Slide 8 Size of cookies before baking: 3cm (Circle) 3cm long X 2cm width (Moon) Size of cookies after baking: 6 (Circle) 4cm tall X 3cm width (Rabbit) -Total throughput time: 5.167 hours Mix time: 1.5 hour -Bake time per cookie sheet: 20 min -Number of cookie sheets processed: 12 -Packaging time: 0.5 hour Slide 9 Job Cost Card Direct MaterialsDirect LaborManufacturing Overhead Chocolate Chips-$5.78Packaging($8/hour x 1 hour)Display board-$3.19 Eggs-$0.75Mixing($8/hour x 1.5 hour)Markers-$1.81 Butter-$2.69Baking($8/hour x 0.83hour)Indirect Labor-$8 Sliced Almonds-$2.74Packing($8/hour x 0.5hour)Utility Expenses-$2 Packaging Materials-$6 Sugar- $0.5 Cocoa-$2.99 Flour-$1.5 $22.95$30.64$15 Item: Eat Me Up CookiesDate Requested: 3/9 Quantity: 60 piecesDate Completed: 3/8 Total Cost $(22.95+30.64+15)--------------------------------------- $68.59 Unit Cost ($68.59 60)----------------------------------------------- $1.14/cookie Slide 10 ~End~