Major Reasons Baton Rouge Home Sales Don’t Close

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Major Reasons Baton Rouge Home Sales Dont Close


  • 1. batonrougehousingreports.com Reasons Baton Rouge Home Sales Dont CloseBill CobbMajor Reasons Baton Rouge Homes Under Contract Dont CloseI came across the helpful article to Greater Baton Rougeons when buyinga home on three major reasons Baton Rouge Purchase Agreements fallthrough or dont close. Below, I quote from Brendon DeSimones AOLReal Estate Blog article, share some of my own commentary and thenshare a recent article I curated on what major repairs to ask for after theBaton Rouge Home Inspection.Real estate deals are never done until the deed is recorded. Until thattime, a real estate transaction can be a topsy-turvy ride filled with redflags, bumps in the road and unexpected issues that need to beaddressed, both on the side of the buyer and the seller.[social_quote duplicate="yes" align="default"] If the buyer wants to buy, and the seller wants to sell, it meanscompromising, particularly for the seller.[/social_quote]According to Brendon DeSimone, who wrote 3 Big Reasons Why Real Estate Deals Collapse, these are some thatcause home sales not to close and how to avoid them.Home Appraisal Issues:Homes not appraising at the contract value have been a problem since thehousing crisis and will likely continue to plague the industry for years to come.Particularly in strong markets, where multiple buyers compete for the sameproperty, the price sometimes creates a new comp for the area. Even if multiplebuyers have offered to pay a price, a third-party appraiser, who isnt part of thedeal, sometimes wont agree on the sellers price.This Baton Rouge Home Appraisers comment is that this usually happenswhen Sellers are in denial, have grossly overpriced their homes, and havefound a local Agent to work with that will list their home at what the sellerwants as opposed to what the market or comparable sales will support. Bill Cobb, Greater BatonRouges Home Appraiser 225-293-1500Home Inspection Problems:Its the call no buyers agent, seller or sellers agent wants to get: The inspector found some major problems with thehome. When this happens, its helpful for all parties to put emotions aside and work together. If the buyer wants tobuy, and the seller wants to sell, it means compromising, particularly for the seller. See my article below to help withwhat major repairs to ask for AND if you give the Appraiser a copy of the Home Inspection.

2. Buyers Remorse:Buyers remorse happens all the time in real estate. The buyer gets excited about aproperty and makes an offer, only to second-guess it once buyer and seller have come toterms. It happens in situations where there are multiple offers and bidding wars. A buyer gets caught up in theexcitement and wants to compete, only to find themselves scared and feeling remorseful once the dust has settled.This Baton Rouge Home Appraisers comment is that this can also happen after the buyers have had further home toinspect the neighborhood and perhaps have found some undesirable facts, such as property taxes being comparablyhigher, school system not being as good as a comparable district, weak home owners association or any number offactors. The best time to get a feel for what subdivision is like to drive through after 5pm and on the weekends. - BillCobb, Greater Baton Rouges Home Appraiser 225-293-1500How To Prevent Purchase Agreements From NOT CLOSING?According to Brendon, The best way to prevent deals from going sideways is to prepare as best you can. All partiesinvolved -buyer, seller and agents need to do as muchdue diligence as possible before getting into the transaction.This may sometimes include having tough conversations, doing some work upfront and being open to collaboratingwhen things get a little challenging.Also, I penned this recent article below while sharing Teresa Boardmans article on Asking For Repairs.Which Repairs Should Baton Rouge Home Buyers Ask For After Home Inspection?AND, please read my advice on this topic after over 20 years of appraising homesfor purchases.Teresa Boardman says, I encourage all buyers to have a complete home inspectionbut when it is all done some are sure that they want to ask to have every little thingfixed and other buyers ask for almost nothing. Which repairs should buyers ask for?Some repairs do seem ridiculous but having a furnace repaired so thatBaton Rouge Home Appraiser Advice, Bill Cobb: If youre the buyer, you want tomake certain the Appraiser gets a copy of the home inspection BEFORE theirinspection so they can know what major repairs were discovered. Appraisers takephotos of these major repairs and if the report includes major repair photos, then theLender making the loan cant sell that loan to Fannie Mae or investors. Whether its a FHA, VA, RD or ConventionalHome Loan, the Lender IS GOING TO REQUIRE REPAIRS OF MAJOR DEFICIENCES prior to closing the loan,whether you do or not. The last thing you or the Lender needs is for you to pay $5,000+ in closing cost to buy thishome and then within 3 months have to shell out $10,000 for a new roof or $2,000 on a new central heaterexchanger.