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  • Major Decisions? Minor Problems! How to choose your Subject POSt

    Chemical/Physical/Life/Forensic Sciences, Psychology,

    Mathematical & Computational Sciences

    Presented by The Office of the Registrar & the Career Centre 2012-2013

  • What is a program of study (POSt?) What program

    combinations may I select?

    Selecting Programs: When, Where and


    Degree Requirements: HBSc

    Degree Check Program Check

    Requesting Graduation

    Student Services-Help Academic Calendar Registration Guide UTM Mobile App Important Dates


    Understand Your Degree


    Academic Programs

    Tools & Resources

    Your Keys to Subject POSt Selection!

  • What is a POSt? A POSt is a Program of Study. Specialists

    Consists of 9.0 to 16.0 credits Includes at least 4.0 300/400 level credits, of which 1.0

    must be a 400 level credit Majors

    Consists of 6.0 to 8.5 credits Includes at least 2.0 300/400 level credits

    Minors Consists of 4.0-4.5 credits Includes at least 1.0 300/400 level credit

  • 1 specialist or 2 majors or 1 major + 2 minors

    Programs of study are approved after successful completion of 4.0 UTM credits

    Students wishing to change their area(s) of study are free to do so during any request period

    Some programs have entry requirements which include specific 1st year prerequisites and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) check the Academic Calendar for detailed information

    All students are responsible for completing a program completion check with their undergraduate advisor of each program area

    Program of Study

  • Combining Programs of Study Minimum Program Requirements:

    1 Specialist or 2 Majors or 1 Major plus 2 Minors

    Students may combine up to 3 POSts The discipline area of the POSt(s) will determine your degree type Maximum Program Combinations:

    1 Specialist, 1 Major and 1 Minor 2 Specialists and 1 Minor 2 Majors and 1 Minor 1 Specialist and 2 Minors 1 Major and 2 Minors

  • Choosing your Program of Study

    Follow your interests and abilities and explore related POSts

    Apply to more than one program as a safety measure

    Even if you dont meet the requirements for your program(s) of choice, you must still register in another program(s) usually Type 1 program(s)

    IMPORTANT: If you do not register for a minimum combination

    of POSts, you will not be able to register for courses on ROSI

  • Types of Programs Type 1-Unlimited Enrolment

    eg. Major in History

    Type 2-Limited Enrolment Requirement as published in the Academic Calendar

    Type 3-Limited Enrolment

    Requirements as published in the Calendar CGPA requirements based on applicant pool Additional information/interview may be required eg. Specialist in Forensic Science-Chemistry

  • Subject POSt Enrolment Dates

    Type 1 Programs

    Enrol at any time after completion of 4.0 credits Please check the 2013-2014 Returning Students Registration

    Guide (available March 15th, 2013)

    Type 1 programs have no enrolment requirements other than the completion of 4.0 credits minimum and do not require departmental approval to become active

  • Subject POSt Enrolment Dates Type 2 & Type 3 Programs

    First Request Period

    Enrolment Period: March 18 - May 5, 2013 Accept invitations: May 24 - August 2, 2013

    Who should apply? Students completing 4.0 credits by the end of the winter

    2013 session (April 2013) Second Request Period

    Enrolment Period: June 17 - August 30, 2013 Accept Invitations: September 9-22, 2013

    Who should apply? Students completing 4.0 credits by the end of the

    summer 2013 session (August 2013)

  • How to Apply Apply for your program(s) on ROSI:

    Select Subject POSts from the main menu then add a Subject


    Enter the appropriate program code(s), which can be found in the Academic Calendar and Registration Guide (ie. ERMAJ1478)

    For Type 1 programs, once you have submitted your request the status column beside the Subject POSt code will say Active

    For Type 2 and Type 3 programs, the status column beside the Subject POSt code will say Requested

  • Accept/Decline an Invitation

    Department(s) will determine your eligibility for program(s) You will be Invited on ROSI if you meet the entry

    requirements To accept an offer, click on Accept next to the post code that

    you want to accept. Your status will change to Active To decline an offer, click on Delete If may be a good idea to meet with an Academic Advisor before

    you make changes to your program(s) of study on ROSI

  • Deregulated Program Fees

    Applies to the following programs in the HBSc: Bioinformatics (Specialist) Computer Science (Specialist & Major) Information Security (Specialist)


    Your selection of the Specialist or the Major changes the degree type you would receive upon graduation

    If you select more than 1 deregulated program, the higher fees will be applied but not both fees

  • Deregulated Program Fees Contd Deregulated fees cover 3.0-6.0 credits in the Fall/Winter term

    (September-April) and not summer courses Part time students (0.5-2.5) in the Fall/Winter term will be

    charged per course at the deregulated rate

    Summer courses will be prorated based on the number of courses you take (1.0 credit=1/5 of deregulated program fee)

    If you add deregulated program(s) in later years, fees will be back charged to the session after which you have completed 4.0 credits

    Fees information available online at:

  • Degree Requirements:

    HBSc Degree Check

    Program Check Requesting Graduation

    Understand Your Degree


  • Complete at least credits including: No more than 6.0 introductory-level (100-level) credits At least 6.0 advanced-level (300/400-level) credits A minimum of 1 Specialist or 2 Majors or 1 Major + 2 Minors

    (minimum of science programs required) 12 distinct credits (if NOT completing a specialist) 1.0 credit from each of three divisions - HUM, SSc, SCI An overall Grade Point Average of 1.85 (approx. C or 65%) NOTE: Students should submit an online degree check prior to enrolling in their final year and before requesting graduation

    Degree Requirements Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc)

    20.0 Credits

  • Complete your degree requirements Complete your program requirements Submit an online degree check to an Academic Advisor prior to

    your final year of study at the latest Schedule a program check with the undergraduate advisor(s) of

    each area of study to ensure your programs are complete Request graduation during the time period scheduled on ROSI

    Requesting Graduation

  • Student Services-Help

    Academic Calendar Registration Guide UTM Mobile App Important Dates


    Tools & Resources

    Where do I go for help?

  • UTM Student Services Committed to Your Success! Office of the Registrar Program Advisors (Academic Departments) Career Centre Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre (Library) Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre AccessAbility Services Health and Counselling Centre Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre (The RAWC) International Centre (IC)

    For more info on UTM Student Services, visit

  • Academic Calendar

    all rules and regulations degree requirements program requirements brief course descriptions

    Read it cover to cover!

  • Registration Guide

    important dates registration instructions fees information What to do when.

    Your guide to success

  • Keep in Touch! Office of the Registrar Room 2122 William G. Davis Building 3359 Mississauga Rd N, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

    T: 905-828-5399 F: 905-569-4301 (Also in the App Store)

    Drop-In Academic Advising Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wed: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Major Decisions? Minor Problems!How to choose your Subject POStChemical/Physical/Life/Forensic Sciences, Psychology, Mathematical & Computational SciencesPresented by The Office of the Registrar & the Career Centre 2012-2013Slide Number 2What is a POSt?Slide Number 4Combining Programs of StudyChoosing your Program of StudyTypes of ProgramsSubject POSt Enrolment DatesSubject POSt Enrolment DatesHow to ApplyAccept/Decline an InvitationDeregulated Program Fees Deregulated Program Fees ContdSlide Number 14Slide Number 15Slide Number 16Slide Number 17UTM Student ServicesCommitted to Your Success!Academic CalendarRegistration GuideKeep in Touch!


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