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  • 1. Major and minor record labels research

2. Major Record Label - 3. EMI records is founded by the EMI company in 1972 and launched in the year after. The company specialises in various genres of music such as pop and Hip HOP. 4. EMI is owned by UMG which is a subsidary of media conglomerate Vivendi. 5. EthosTheir ethos is most likely to earn lots of money as well as successfully distributing their artists music. 6. Popular artists from EMIRobbie Williams 7. EMI records is ranked third as one of the biggest records labels for music sales. EMI records was (and is still is) well prepared to respond to the latest trends. In the 1990s digital music began to take off. EMI was well aware of this and decided to stream their first album (Mezzanine by Massive Attack) on the internet. This happened in 1996 and during the same year they released a digital album download (David Bowies .hours). In 2009 Coldplay became the first artists to have sold two million digital albums worldwide. 8. COLDPLAY PROMOTIONS Cold Play VEVO has released a music video and posted on YouTube reaching over 200,00,000 views showing how popular and successful the song is. 9. The band promotes them selves and their music using digipacks such as posters. The digipaks usually link with the band and theirmusic. For example looking at the Mylo Oxyloto poster uses the same artwork as the album itself. The band has used a different font for their band name which differs completely to their old albums. Reason for this could possibly show a change in their 10. GorillazThe Gorillaz posters usually feature the characters that are in the group. Reason could be because they are the symbol of the Gorillaz and they represent the band itself. 11. Minor Record Label - 12. Rough Trade is founded by Geoff Travis in 1978. 13. Some artists from Rough Trade 14. Ethos Their ethos is to distribute independent music from independent artists and to entertain the audience with their music. 15. One of the top independent record labels in Britain. Rough Trade first started out as a music store selling records by punk and early indie. Later rough trade decided to became a record label. The first album release (Stiff little fingers inflammable material) from the company sold more than 100,000 copies becoming one of the first independent companies to have done so. Rough trade had many ups and downs in the past but always manages to survive. 16. Some Promotion posters of artists from Rough Trade. 17. The StrokesTheir music video has been promoted on YouTube and reached 2million views. 18. Alabama ShakesWe can see that the artworks follow a similar theme therefore linking to the artist. 19. EMI vs Rough Trade The most obvious difference with the two companies is that EMI distributes mostly popular music and Rough Trade mostly distributes indie or independent music. As well as popular music EMI can also distribute independent music like Rough Trade whereas Rough Trade is aimed only for a niche audience.