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Caring for Technology Backup & Restore. Assignments. Maintain System Integrity Maintain Equipment and Consumables. ICAS2017B_ICAU2007B. Using Computer Operating system. ICAU2231B. Backing Up. Introduction Data Loss Backing Up Methods Incremental Backup Restoring Data Loss - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Maintain System Integrity Maintain Equipment and ConsumablesICAS2017B_ICAU2007BUsing Computer Operating systemICAU2231BCaring for Technology Backup & RestoreAssignments


  • *Backing UpIntroductionData LossBacking Up MethodsIncremental BackupRestoring Data LossTracking Backups and RestorationsStoring Backups

  • *Dumb Joke page

  • *Do you backup your files ?How do you do it ?How often do you do it ?

  • *Introduction to BackupNever take the reliability of your computer for grantedAlways backup your dataOn large systems, backup policy is a vital part of running the system

  • *Data loss (causes)Human errorAccidental deletion of filesCorrupted FilesHuman errorRemoving a usb before the file is savedA software errorHardware errorsHead CrashRead/write heads damage the surface of the disk

  • *Data Loss (causes)A system crashPower fluctuationsBlackoutsBlown fusesCooling failureSoftware Viruses

  • *Reasons for Backing UpYou and your organisations reliance on your PC to give you timely access to up-to-date informationLegal obligations to maintain certain records which might be found on your computerThe strong possibility of deleting or modifying files which may need to be restored laterDoing a backup of a hard disk that is full before the removing any unneeded dataPerforming a backup before taking your computer in for service

  • *Backup ScheduleThese questions have to be consideredHow often should backups be done (daily weekly monthly)?When should backups be done (during the day or at night)?How long should backups copies be kept and how many old backups should be retained?Where should backup copies be stored?

  • *ScenarioConsider a small business using a personal computer. The PC has a single hard disk which is used to store all accounts, day-to-day trading details, product details, invoice details, lists of suppliers and customers, and so on. In short, the business depends on the information stored on the hard disk.

  • *Backup typesABC

  • *Backup MethodsA Full Backup backs up everything up each time it is run (see A)An Incremental Backup backs up only new or changed items from the previous Incremental Backup, an must have a Full Backup as the starting point. (see B)A Differential Backup backs up all new or changed items from the last time a Full Backup was run (see C).

  • *Pros and ConsA Full Backup takes a long time to run, and a considerable amount of backup media to accomplish. However, a restore from a Full Backup is much quicker. An Incremental Backup takes the shortest amount of time, and the least amount of backup media to accomplish. However, the effort to restore from an Incremental Backup can be very time consuming. A Differential Backup lies between the two in terms of backup time, media size, and restore efforts

  • *Backup Storage MediaThe media type can range from another fixed disk drive, tapes, removable media (such as zip disks, disk cartridges, and flash drives), and DVD/CDs. The main factors to consider are the size of the media, the speed of the media, the reliability of the media, and the media cost

  • *Selected directory BackupMost operating systems come with a backup, and file compression utilities

  • *Backing Up: Day or Night?Backups are usually done at nightMost files are accessed during the dayBackup Utilities cannot run whilst a file is being accessed

  • *One role of a Computer AdministratorMake sure that there are regular backup procedures put in placeThis might mean that they perform Nightly and Weekly backups, using scheduler program so they dont have to stay around till it completes

  • *House Keeping in the OfficeEach computer user may be assigned their own backup media to do their own backupsIt is important that office staff follow the procedures for an incremental backupSome offices will keep monthly network backupsThese may go back a full year

  • ActivityComplete Activity 1 in OneNote*

  • *Restoring Lost DataOnce backed up data may need to be restored This may be due to errors on diskThe computer administrator is responsible for restoring lost filesThe procedures should be written down so others may perform the task

  • *Tracking backups and restorationsA backup log is necessary because:You know which set of tapes or disks has the files to be restoredTo monitor which areas most often need restoration and should be most carefully backed upTo make sure the backup schedule is sufficient for your companys needs

  • *Backup Log

    Date of BackupDirectories Backed UpType of Backup16th June 2008C:\winword\filesC:\excel\dataFull Weekly DVD17thJune 2008DittoDifferential daily DVD18th June 2008DittoDifferential daily - DVD

  • *Restoration Log

    Date of RestorationDirectory or Files NeededBackup disks usedReasons For Restore26th June 2008C:\winword\files\book3.doc16th June 2008Needed old version4th July 2008C:\excel\data\monash.xlsNone not backed upWanted a copy to do another tender

  • *Storing BackupsStoring them nearby is good because they can be accessed There is a risk that they can be destroyedThe hardware can be replaced but the data cantBackups are usually stored offsiteLarge companies may have many storage locations Each 5 10 kms from the computing department

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