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Downtown Redevelopment - Phase One


  • Main Street Streetscape Plan

    Downtown Redevelopment PlanPhase One


  • Message from Council


    On behalf of the Town of Stony Plain, we are pleased toshare with you the Main Street Streetscape Plan. The Planrepresents an important step in our ongoing commitment toenhancing the downtown as a destination for residents,businesses and visitors.

    The Main Street Streetscape Plan builds on thecomprehensive strategy that has been created to nurture andpreserve our historic downtown core. The Plan has beendeveloped through extensive community consultation andprofessional guidance.

    We would like to acknowledge the leadership and contributionof the Downtown Redevelopment Working Group, whichconsists of representation from our local business community;specifically, Mardy Kulak, Sandi Hrycun and Ed Berney. Their time and input has been invaluable in developing anambitious, but realistic, plan that is appropriate for ourdowntown.

    Left to right: Dwight Ganske, Judy Bennett, Darren Badry, Mayor Ken Lemke, Robert Twerdoclib, Pat Hansard, William Choy.

    Council as of February 2012

    The Working Group will continue its role over the next fewyears, as we move the Plan into the detailed design andconstruction stages. In addition, it will provide input andsupport into Council's creation of a Downtown AreaRedevelopment Plan. The Redevelopment Plan will providea long - term vision for the growth and prosperity of downtownan essential part of our community.

    We look forward to the implementation of this exciting projectand witnessing the positive long-term impact it will have onStony Plain.

    Yours sincerely,

    Stony Plain Council

    stony plain main street streetscape plan


  • Background


    The commercial district on either side of 50 Street, from 54 Avenue to 49 Avenue, is known as Main Street and is afine example of Stony Plains small-town ambiance. Over theyears, as recreational facilities, schools, parks, homes andbusinesses were developed throughout the town, thedowntown area emerged as a place where many significantcultural events took place. The majority of the buildings andstreets in the downtown area are more than 50 years old, andtargeted reinvestment is needed to maintain the downtown as acultural and commercial centre for future generations to enjoy.

    In 2007, Council established the Community SustainabilityPlan (CSP), which provides a holistic and long-term directionfor the town. It addresses four major themes of sustainability:social equity, economic viability, cultural viability andenvironmental responsibility. Council established theDowntown Redevelopment Working Group to prepare a planthat would encourage a mix of commercial and residential landuses while strengthening the cultural amenities in theneighbourhood.

    The Downtown Redevelopment Working Group spent much ofits time studying the downtown area to understand whatmakes this neighbourhood special in our community. The Group researched the cultural activities and amenities,design elements from past revitalization efforts and theneighbourhood's existing characteristics. A Parking Study wasalso completed in the spring of 2009. That fall, of 2009 the

    Town retained the services of Earthscape Consultants toassist the Working Group in consulting directly with thecommunity through a charrette. The charrette, which was heldover a three-day-period, included Stony Plain residents andbusiness owners, particularly those in the downtown area.

    The Downtown Design Charrette Report was presented toCouncil in November 2009. Council directed Administrationand the Working Group to develop a comprehensiveimplementation plan for the streetscape, programming andmarketing of the downtown.

    Using input gathered from the charrette observations of theWorking Group and the principles set by Town Council in theMunicipal Development Plan, the Working Group developed avisions tatement for downtown Stony Plain:

    Downtown Stony Plain as a vibrant mixed-useneighbourhood, which builds upon its past, and wherepeople can shop, live, work and play.

    As the water and sewer infrastructure below 50 Street is inneed of an upgrade, the Downtown Working Group decidedto focus on the 50 Street (Main Street) Streetscape andminimize the impact of the construction while addressingsome of the key recommendations in the Charrette Report.Future phases will address other areas of downtownredevelopment, as identified in the Charrette Report.

    The Stony Plain Main Street Streetscape Plan aims to build on the existing small-town-feel of the historic downtownarea by:

    enhancing the pedestrian environment

    establishing bicycle route linkages

    improving landscaping

    increasing seating opportunities

    developing traffic-calming features

    enhancing spaces for cultural events

    nurturing unique shopping, dining and gathering


    The following represents an overview of the conceptual planfor Phase One of the redevelopment of Stony Plainsdowntown streetscape.

    stony plain main street streetscape plan

    Main Street Stony Plain 1925 - The Heart of Town Parking Study completed in 2009 Downtown Charrette - October 2009

  • Existing Downtown Elements


    Historic, downtown Stony Plain has approximately 70 businesses and a mix of single-family homes, apartments,schools, playgrounds and churches.

    The majority of the commercial space is centered along 50 Street, from 49 Avenue to 54 Avenue. This corridor, justtwo blocks east of Highway 779, features primarily locallyowned, small-town restaurants, a grocery and hardwarestore, boutiques, salons, financial institutions and offices for avariety of service providers.

    50 Street (Main Street) has angle parking, while nearbyavenues feature parallel parking. There are several smallparking lots in the area. There is also limited parking in theback lanes, which are often used by business staff anddelivery trucks.

    The downtown streetscape area includes coach-style lighting,benches, garbage receptacles, landscaping, trees andmurals, which celebrate and highlight important historicalevents within Stony Plain.

    The water and sewer infrastructure that runs along 50 Streethas been scheduled for replacement as part of the Town's 10-year Capital Improvement Plan. This construction willlikely disturb the majority of the streetscape. The proposedstreetscape improvements could coincide with theinfrastructure improvements to minimize the the adverseaffects on the downtown area.

    stony plain main street streetscape plan

    traditional wood signposts

    historic murals

    lanscaped curbs

    coach-style lamposts withhanging baskets

    decorative trash receptacles

    heritage-style wood benches

    unique paving

  • Downtown Neighbourhood (Old Town)


    Presently there is no consistent name for the downtownneighbourhood, sometimes referred to as Old Town. Downtown and Old Town names are used throughout thisdocument.

    stony plain main street streetscape plan

  • Main Street Streetscape Key Plan

    5stony plain main street streetscape plan

    North Gateway (page 6)

    Bike Path & Laneway Crossing (page 7)

    Midblock Crossing (page 10)

    South Gateway (page 12)

    Bike Path & Laneway Crossing (page 7)

    Centre Island (pages 8 & 9)

    Intersection (page 11)

  • North Gateway Concept - 49 Avenue & 50 Street (Main Street)


    Proposed Improvements:

    Gateway signage

    Public art display (exact location to be determined)

    Enhanced greenspace on the east side, including shrubs,

    large rocks and trees

    Enhanced crosswalk with distinctive paving, benches and

    raised-brick, landscaped planters

    Refinish existing traditional benches, garbage receptacles

    and lighting

    Upgraded concrete sidewalk to the east side of the street

    Key Purposes: Create a sense of arrival at this important gateway intohistoric downtown

    Reduce traffic speed and create a safe crossing forpedestrians and cyclists

    Constraints: Improvements in this area must take into considerationpossible future alignment/extension of 49 Avenue and mustnot interfere with safety and sightlines

    stony plain main street streetscape plan

    conceptual plan view of north gateway

    perspective view of northgateway entrance feature

  • Bike Path & Laneway Crossing Concept


    Key Purpose:Enhance laneways and create a cycling route into andthrough the downtown

    Constraints: Parking will be adjusted at each crossing for safety andsightlines. Driveway and building frontage will be consideredat each crossing. Further consideration will be given to trafficsigns, line-markings and crossings for the laneway bike-pathduring the detailed design stage.

    Proposed Improvements: Flared curbs to provide traffic-calming and safer crossingsfor cyclists and pedestrians

    Raised-brick, landscaped planters Paved, line markings and lighting to the bike-path laneway

    stony plain main street streetscape plan

    Plan view of improvements to the laneway crossing,using 52 Avenue as an example

    Perspective view facing south at the 52 Avenue

    laneway crossing

  • Centre Island Concept - 51 Avenue & 50 Street (Main Street)


    Key Purpose: Create a focal point to display public art, stage festivals,events and showcase the annual community Christmas tree

    Constraints: Improvements must not interfere with safety or sightlines andmust allow for large vehicles to maneuver through theintersection

    Proposed Improvements:

    Focal point surrounded with decorative bollards

    Flared curbs and d