magnetic property measurement system mpms xl. configurations mpms xl is offered in 2 configurations...

Download Magnetic Property Measurement System MPMS XL. Configurations MPMS XL is offered in 2 configurations MPMS XL-5 (5 Tesla) MPMS XL-7 (7 Tesla)

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  • Magnetic Property Measurement System


  • Configurations

    MPMS XL is offered in 2 configurations

    MPMS XL-5 (5 Tesla)

    MPMS XL-7 (7 Tesla)

  • Principal components of this measurement systemTemperature Control System ( 1.7 K to 400 K) Magnet Control System ( 5 T)Sample Handling SystemComputer Operating SystemSuper conducting SQUID Amplifier System

  • Sample rodSample rotatorSample transportProbe assemblyHe level SensorSuperconducting SolenoidFlow ImpedanceSquid capsule with magnetic shieldSuperconducting pick-up coil

  • 10. Dewar Isolation cabinet11. Dewar12. Printer13. Magnetic power supply14. Temp. controller15. Console Cabinet16. Power distribution unit17.MPMS controller18. Gas/Magnet control unit19. Computer20. Monitor

  • Specifications of MPMS XL-5

    Field =5 TeslaTemperature=1.7K to 400 KSweeping rate=0.001K to 10K/Min

  • Possible MeasurementsMagnetization vs. Temperature (M vs. T):Default settings: 300K-10K, Temperature interval 5K Zero Field Cooling Field Cooling AC SusceptibilityMagnetization vs. Field (M vs. H):Default settings: -5T to +5T step size 0.5T HysteresisHysteresis

  • Features of MPMS MultiVu SoftwareSimultaneous Access to all aspects of system operation: sequence setup,data analysis,data display

    Enables multiple documents and view to be visible and useable at the same time

    Simultaneous display of data files in multiple formats (e.g.. Graphs vs. texts)Automated Background Subtraction

  • SQUID Magnetometer Facility

    (Division of Chemical Sciences)

    Request Form:

    Date of Submission:

    Sample name:

    Email Id: Phone No:

    Experiment details:

    1.Magnetisation Vs Temperature (M vs. T)

    Temperature Range (Default settings: 300K-10K, Temperature interval 5K):

    Magnetic Field (0-5T):

    (Typical measurement time for default settings: 7hours)

    2.Magnetisation Vs Field (M vs. H)

    Field (Default settings: -5T to +5T step size 0.5T):


    (Typical measurement time for default settings: 6hours)

    Note: If you require M vs H measurement at more than two temperatures, please submit a separate request form.

    Signature of the Research Supervisor


    Time taken :

    Date of completion:

  • LimitationsMeasurement of hysteresis at more than two temperatures is considered as II sampleMeasurement below 10K also considered as II sample (because it is necessary for the instrument to be stable at 10K at least for 1 hour before going below 10K)Sample should be submitted only on Friday

  • Total Number of Measurements Done

    Total Number of Working days =Total = Physics = SSCU = MRC = ISU = Metallurgy = Outside = IPC =