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  • 1. Magic Shop Assignment 1 for SM2105 ZHAO Mengchen 52164563

2. Artistic Statement After few weeks studied at Lindas Narrative related class, the most impressive concept which delved into my brain is the idea of Narrative is not just story. As a cinematic art student, we take narration as story for granted for almost three years, and until now, when dealing with the art theory, I know that the two words are different and subvert what I thought before. During this assignment, there are two innovations that break the rule: I didnt use normal photographs which we usually take by a camera, instead, I created a fantastic magic shop with some gothic and Medieval element scene by actually my favorite PC game The Sims for six days in details. In addition, I didnt use any characters to fulfill my screen because I think I could reach my narration just by showing the location. In my work, it has two trajectories actually, first one is I show the house in the sequence of the direction of clockwise, secondly I show audience the place from outside to inside, then each of the rooms. So the audience might feel that they are walking step by step on a timeline and want to figure out what is at the end of the narration of space. In this way, I built my dream of creating a magic shop which I really obsessed with and reach a montage.

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