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Magazine Advert Design

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1. Magazine Advert Design 2. Flat Plan 3. Flat Plan 4. Planning and ProductionFrom the flat plans we produced we had an idea of the pictures we needed to capture for the firstrough version of the magazine advert. First we took pictures of our artist in the studio for themagazine advert. We had noticed that the lighting on the first image (left) was over exposed andtoo bright. Due to the bright lighting the green screen colour was reflecting onto the artists face.We then decided to change the lighting within the room by turning off the lights and using astanding spot light to capture the perfect lighting. Now, this is our primary image for the magazineadvert and on the digipak. 5. Stage 1Our first step was to create the flat plan using our original design that we drew. On Photoshop we created ablack background. We decided to use black as we knew from our questionnaires that it was the favouritecolour by the audience to represent our genre, soft rock. To do this we selected the paint fill tool and replacethe white background. In the background we placed two lens flares in each top corner to pull in theaudience (Hypodermic Needle Theory). It is also to maintain the atmosphere from the music video wherethere is only a spotlight following the artist in a black room. 6. Stage 2From the questionnaire the font mistral was the top choice picked by the audience to have for thetypography. The image on the left is our next stage in development where we have added in thetypography such as the Title, Album date, and Website. This institutional information is needed within ourdesign as it informs the target audience of our label. The second image on the right has more institutionalinfo such as web links to Facebook and Twitter. Social networking links were also a must have, as they werementioned in our questionnaire that the target audience ( 15 40) would find this the best way of doingadditional research into the artist. 7. Stage 3As you can see from the primary image, we have used the main protagonist in order toportray the emotions given off by the song.Mad World was our song choice as it is full of conflicting emotions such as depressionand confusion which is what our primary image connotes as there are mixed emotionsthroughout his expressions.The use of black and white was something we decided on due to the results of ourquestionnaire suggesting that B&W would be the most suitable theme. It connotes boththe good and bad in someones life as black is seen as mystery and poignant whilst whiteis seen as hopeful and reassuring. The black and white colour is also sophisticated andpowerful, which will be effective on the target audience that will be attracted to it. 8. Designing the Final Magazine AdvertFor our final version of the magazine advert, we used the same primary image from the flat plan. However, to add extra impact to the magazine advert, we overlaid a new picture of the artists hands on top of the original photo of the face. We were inspired to create a image like this through a picture the group found while researching mens facial expressions. Here is the original photo:On our final version we also decided to changethe font to Nowarehouse, which was selectedfrom World 9. Final Magazine Advert