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Magazine Advert

Explanationof Advertand DigipakJosh mckay


I felt inspired by minimalist themed gaming posters, their simple aesthetics and bold colour scheme felt just right for pop-punk and our simple music video. The zombie idea came from some of our previous ideas of having a narrative based video and including zombies as a metaphor for the pressure for people to all be the same and not be different, much how zombies devour the different ones/those who are alive. The gaming theme also matches the message of not wanting to grow up that thank the academys head straight is trying to put forward, they wish to stay as teenagers, playing games and being childish


This magazine advert matches the colour scheme, fonts and undead aesthetic as the digipak covers as well as continuing the same coin graphic across all 3 products I have created, the same font and coin graphic is used on a sequence in the beginning of the music video. This synergy creates a style that matches to the band and makes both easier to recognise.