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Magazine Advert Evidence Alex Camper

Author: alexcamper

Post on 11-Apr-2017



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  • Magazine Advert EvidenceAlex Camper

  • Making the colours pop

    I started out with a blank canvas andthen imported my photograph. I then went through the raw editor in photoshop to bring out the colours.I also cropped the image a small amount to make fill the canvas better.

  • Adding text

    I then found a font that I thoughtwould suit the style of music and photography. Once I was happy withthe layout of the text and the context I proceeded to add therecord label logo.

  • Adding an overlay I wanted my poster and digipak tolook consistent so I took up the opportunity to take some photos of asunset and use them as an overlayto add depth and texture to my designs.

  • The final product

    This is the final version of my magazine advert. The overall look is consistent with that of my digipak.