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<p>MagPointer</p> <p>Make Your Point Better!MagPointerAre you still presenting like this?</p> <p>The problemThe way we present has not changed much since the first PPT version once the slide is presented, it cannot be modified</p> <p>Audience in presentations struggles to keep track</p> <p>Online presentations and webinars intensify the problem</p> <p>Introducing MagPointerMagPointer is an Innovative tool that makes presentations more effective and interactive.</p> <p>Enhance, enlarge, focus and highlight specific elements of your slides, on-the-fly!</p> <p>Create animation effects during a presentation with zero preparation time</p> <p>Introducing MagPointer (Cont.)MagPointer is automatically launched once a PowerPoint slideshow begins</p> <p>MagPointer's rich functionality and flexibility will free you altogether from the tedious task of preparingslideshow animations in advance</p> <p>Currently available for Microsoft PowerPoint running on Microsoft WindowsIntroducing MagPointer (Cont.)Users keep using MS PowerPoint and their existing presentations</p> <p>New functionality is added on top of all existing PowerPoint features</p> <p>Highly intuitive, easy to learn and useWhat can you do with MagPointer?Highlight text</p> <p>Highlight table cells, columns or rows</p> <p>Magnify area</p> <p>Focus on objects</p> <p>Create frames around elements</p> <p>Magnify photos</p> <p>The benefitsHighly effective and interactive frontal or online presentations, meetings &amp; collaborationsLess time consumed on preparing PowerPoint slideshow animations in advanceKeep using your existing presentations</p> <p></p>