mafia not happy !! floating concrete? is someone swimming with da fishes?? sir your concrete canoe...

Download Mafia Not Happy !! Floating Concrete? Is Someone Swimming with Da Fishes?? Sir your Concrete Canoe Floats Full of Water??

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  • Mafia Not Happy !!
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  • Floating Concrete? Is Someone Swimming with Da Fishes?? Sir your Concrete Canoe Floats Full of Water??
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  • No Way How Can Italians DO Such A Thing? No one ever believes these float full of water!! I know!!
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  • There is a Student Competition that Requires This The American Society of Civil Engineers: National Concrete Canoe Competition Over 250 Universities Compete in 20 regions A National Champion is Crowned Each Year
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  • National Concrete Canoe Champions during 22 year history U C Berkeley Michigan State Alabama Huntsville South Dakota School of Mines Clemson University Wisconsin University of NevadaReno The Florida Institute of Technology
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  • Enough with the Fluff Concrete or Cement Cement is the Glue Is Type 1 for you?? Or Maybe Types 2 3, 4 or 5? Concrete contains Rocks (Aggregates of various sizes) Now Your Talkin thats how we maka da shoes
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  • Mixing For your Shoes A one and a Two and a Three One shovel of Cement Two a Shovel of da Sand Three a Shovel of the Gravel And just the right amount of Water Would this be a Volume Based Mix or a Weight Based Mix Remember the saying The whole 9 yards!!
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  • Mixing for Our Canoes Cement Plus Other binders Fly Ash from the coal power plants Slag from the steel making process Light Weight Aggregates Sand Size Like Making Popcorn!! Cook Regular Rocks at over 2000 o F and they Pop Livelight Perlite used in potting soil And the right amount of water Plus special Chemical Admixtures That make it easier to work with Slow the chemical reaction and increase strength And you get CONCRETE not cement or as they say here in the South Seament!!
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  • The Bottom Line is we have fun
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  • Today's Experiment Exploding Concrete Well almost exploding Break into 6 groups of 5 students each (with ONE left out??) List 10 historic structures where concrete has been used in order from the one with the most concrete to the one with the least concrete. What type of load does the concrete resist? Tension Compression Bending Torsoin
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  • Testing Concrete Compression Tension Bending
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  • Construction Specifications Ultimate Compressive Strength Units Force over area Pounds per square inch Kilonewtons per square meter psi kN/m 2 or kilopascals kPa What area is used?
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  • Typical Concrete Strengths Sidewalk = 3000 psi = 21,000 kPa Interstate Highway = 5000 psi = 35,000 kPa High-rise Buildings = 10,000 psi = 70,000 kPa
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  • Group Task What is the area of your cylinder to be used in the calculation of the compressive strength? If your concrete is acceptable according to the specification for Interstate Highways what LOAD in pounds must it be able to resist before failure and still meet the specifications?
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  • Your Answers 12345 Predicted Failure Load (lbs) Actual Failure Load (lbs) Predicted/ Actual Ratio Compressive Strength (lbs/in 2 ) Weight (lbs) Volume (in 3 ) Volume (ft 3 ) Density (lbs/ft 3 )
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  • Notes: Concrete Densities Average 150 pcf = 23.5 kN/m 3 Water is 62.4 pcf or 1 Mg/m 3 Saltwater is 64.2 pcf or 1.03 Mg/m 3 Todays Ready Mix Trucks Carry 10 cubic yards


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