Made to Stick, Why some ideas survive and other die

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<ul><li> 1. MADE TO STICK, WHY SOME IDEAS SURVIVE AND OTHER DIE Shawn Crosby &amp; Patrick Malone </li></ul> <p> 2. SIMPLE Strip the idea to the core: It is not about weeding out the unimportant aspects but promoting the important aspects Find the core: Determine the one most important thing but being careful to not bury the lead Share the core: The key is to motivate others with your ideas and use the core help spread the message 3. UNEXPECTED Getting the attention of target audience and keeping it Identify central message: Needed to communicate idea What is the counter-intuitive to your message Communicate message that have broke your consumers guessing machine then rebuild it Use a mystery story 4. CONCRETE Easiest to accept and implement (hardest being finding the core) Something is concrete once it can be described or detected by human senses Sour grapes, Soap-opera 5. CREDIBLE We trust: Experience Our close relations Authority figures (politicians exempt) This forms our basis for internalizing credibility To imply credibility you must tap into the aforementioned personal items 6. CREDIBLE The audience must believe your message In order to do this: Details matter The more vivid the detail = the more be livable message Contextualize statistics Put into common language More people are likely to understand positions on a football field than positions in a lab. 7. CREDIBLE Input vs output Use statistics to help formulate an opinion This will allow you to back up your assertions and focus the message Forming an opinion and then finding statistics will ask you to form half-truths Statics used on output can make you look like a liar 8. THE SINATRA TEST if I can make it there then I can make it anywhere When one example alone is enough to establish credibility. Examples If you provide security for Ft. Knox; you can compete for ANY security contract If you cater for the White House; you can compete for ANY catering contract 9. EXAMPLES IN ADVERTISING VIDEO DOES IT FIT? 0 Wheres the beef? Mousetrap Fission Reaction Simplicity Understated Concrete Credible Emotional Story 10. EMOTIONAL Can vary from the simple to complete It can be easy to elicit through example strong human emotions Fear, anger, joy, sadness, ect. The TRUTH cigarette ad elicits anger quite easily in some brilliant 30 second spots. 11. EMOTIONAL Association works well when you dont need to draw emotion where there isnt any Pairing an existing concept and pairing it with a notable scene can work well Association can also dilute the meaning of the term or concept if stretched to thin. 12. EMOTIONAL Appeal to peoples self-interest If you want them to care, make it about them White teeth in 20 days Give us $20 and youll loose 10lbs in 2 weeks People are motivated by their own self- interest. Even the thick-headed, lazy, Texas males that were targeted in the litter campaign were targeted by self-interest (data was used to describe these indiviuals) 13. EXAMPLES IN ADVERTISING VIDEO DOES IT FIT 5U The TRUTH Cigarette campain g Dont mess with Texas Simplicity Understated Concrete Credible Emotional Story 14. STORIES Stories stimulate our brains Imagine a bright light and the visual center has been shown to activate This aids in making lasting memories that people can connect to It acts as a vehicle for the other 5 points weve described 15. STORIES Stories dont have to be created, the may already exist This book didnt provide new stories; just contextualized existing ones. 16. STORIES Figure out what story plotline fits best for your purpose. According to Aristotle: Challenge Plot David vs. Goliath Jared Star wars 17. STORIES Connection Plot The Good Samaritan Romeo and juliet Chicken soup series Creativity Plot Newton and the apple Sean, might you have a good 2nd example? 18. STORIES 2k Jared s Jared Simplicity Understated Concrete Credible Emotional Story </p>