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<ul><li> 1. All About Nebraska<br />MICDS<br />3rd grade <br />3B<br />Computer<br />Madison Connell<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. This is my state flag <br /> 3. The State Bird Western Meadowlark: the bird lives in the woods in Nebraska .<br /><br /> 4. This is my state.<br />I love having Nebraska as astate.<br /><br /> 5. What I like and my state food are <br /> 6. fruits<br /> 7. Flower<br />This is a beautiful flower and it is called theGoldenrod.<br /><br /> 8. The state plant <br />This looks like a gourd.<br /><br /> 9. The state tree<br />This is a tree trunk from a Cottonwood tree.<br />This is a group of trees.<br /><br /> 10. The state tree<br />This is a leaf from a Cottonwood tree. The Cottonwood is the state tree. <br /> 11. The Temperature<br />This is a map that shows the temperature of the U.S.A. And it shows Nebraska.<br /> 12. Gerald Rudolph<br />This is a picture of Gerald Rudolph Ford. He was a president and born in Nebraska.<br /><br /> 13. Nebraska protects its water<br />This is a symbol of dolphins. It means keep our water clean!<br /><br /> 14. LOVENEBRASKA<br />I love Nebraska because my family used to live there.<br /> 15. The cornhusker <br />Nebraska has a lot of corn and I love corn it is so good.<br /><br /> 16. State River <br />This is the Platte River<br /><br /> 17. This is my state catfish<br /><br /> 18. This is Nebraskas quarter<br /><br /> 19. State Animal<br />This is my state animal the ram. <br /><br /> 20. State Grass<br />This is my state grass<br /><br /> 21. Nickname and Motto<br />My state nickname is The Cornhusker state<br />My state motto is Equality before the law<br /> 22. Rivers<br />In Nebraska they have lost of rivers. The river goes from one side to the other. The Missouri river is 2,466 miles long 3,968 km long. Republican 422 miles long 679 km long.<br /> 23. Natural Resources<br />Nebraska hasfarmers and ranchers. Back in the 1930 the oil was discover here.<br /> 24. Native Americans and early settlers<br />There were lots of Native American tribes in Nebraska. The Sioux, Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho and Comanche. They hunted there. There were forced to move to Oklahoma in the 1880 by white soldiers.<br /><br /> 25. This is the cornhusker<br /><br /> 26. Nebraska sports<br />This is my state sport and it is skiing <br /><br /> 27. State Seal<br />This is my state seal in Nebraska <br /><br /> 28. Butterfly<br />This is my state butterfly and it is calledthe blue butterfly <br /><br /> 29. State Cats<br />These are all my state cats<br /><br /> 30. State Berry<br />This is my state berry<br /><br /> 31. State Vegetables<br />These are all my stateVegetables<br /><br /> 32. State Insect<br />Mystate insect is a honey bee and how to make honey<br /><br /> 33. A black walnut<br />This is my state nut and it Is called black walnut <br /><br /> 34. A book about the state Nebraska<br />A book about Nebraska.<br /> 35. These are some of the crops that Nebraska grows<br /> 36. The Author page <br />Hi my name is Maddy these are some of my friends .What I learned about Nebraska . My state fruit is a wall nut .<br /> 37. All about ME!!!... Hi my name is Maddy Connell .I love dogs .Do you like dogs? I go to MICDS it is so much fun. I am in 3rd grade I love it . My favorite subject is Art , gym , music ,drama . I am in class 3B. My favorite candy is gumballs, lollipops , jolly ranchers, skittles. I had 4 dogs , 5 fish and I have 1 horses named Bling she is the most amazing horse in the world . In my class I have 18 kids in my class .<br /></p>