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<ol><li> 1. ANTIGONE PROJECTBy: Madeleine Huff &amp; Garrett Ward </li><li> 2. ISSUE Antigone uncovers the dead body of her brother Theme: Love has no limits She knows it was wrong and against the law She thought it was right because of her family virtues </li><li> 3. COMPARED TO REAL LIFE In our generation, teenagers do wrong all the time Over time, the conscious doesnt know right from wrong anymoreand gets used to doing bad things Teenagers dont care what the consequences are Teenagers dont think about/ think through the punishments </li><li> 4. ANTIGONE VS. SOCIETYTODAY Antigone thinks the decision she made was right because it was herbrothers She thinks authority is wrong because of the situations She feels her fate is already decided, and good will come out of hergiving her brother the proper burial rights </li><li> 5. WHY YOU SHOULD READ THE PLAY If you read Antigone you will get a better understanding of whyteenagers, or kids do what they do Standing up for what you believe in Beliefs in family virtues Even thought someone may be wrong, the world today has a hardtime knowing right from wrong </li><li> 6. THESIS STATEMENT When love is brought into things it brings pain, beliefs, and nolimits to what can happen.</li></ol>