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SDL Proprietary and Confidential Machine Translation Solutions Nigel Watson, Business Consultant, SDL Global Solutions September 19, 2013

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  • 1. SDL Proprietary and Confidential Machine Translation Solutions Nigel Watson, Business Consultant, SDL Global Solutions September 19, 2013
  • 2. Big Language Challenges Customer Use Cases MT Options MT Maturity Assessment Case Studies Agenda 2
  • 3. Big Language Challenges 3 There are 7 billion people in the world 2 billion of which are on the Internet. There are more than 6,000 recorded languages. Only 20% of Internet users speak and read English as their first language. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data exist today, most on the web 90% of that was generated in the last two years alone. Source: IBM
  • 4. Source: Economist Intelligence Unit Source: Common Sense Advisory Source: Economist Intelligence Unit
  • 5. How do we approach Translation 5
  • 6. Use Cases
  • 7. Machine Translation Options What is a baseline system? A generic machine translation engine developed for use across a broad range of subject matter. SDL Language Technologies currently has over 80 baseline systems available for use today. For example, from EN to ES OR ES to EN GOOD
  • 8. Machine Translation Options What is Term and Brand Management? A mechanism for enforcing the proper translation of brand and product terms specific to your company and it's products. For example, "Apple", the computer company, is NOT "Pomme" when translated to French In your company, when translating from Spanish to English, "libro" always translates to "book" NEVER "tome" or "document BETTER
  • 9. Machine Translation Options What is a trained system? A baseline machine translation engine that has been tuned (via training) for specific subject matter to translate content from one language to another in real time. For example, for a particular company for a particular use case (chat, kb, email, etc.) for a particular product(s) BEST
  • 10. Understanding Machine Translation
  • 11. Understanding Machine Translation MT is not replacing the need for human translation - but is an effective tool when understood and used in the right context MT is automated translation that uses software to translate text from one natural language to another
  • 12. MT Maturity Assessment 12 Process of helping the customer determine if the organization has the ingredients to deliver to their MT expectations The customer chooses the language and use case for the assessment SDL assist customer with obtaining relevant multi-lingual data to support assessment SDL analyzes the customer data SDL provides a roadmap to help customer achieve use case goals for the desire language What is MT Maturity Assessment
  • 13. The Maturity Assessment Process 13 Determine the investment needed to meet customer use case quality targets Receive Customer Data Analyze Data Produce FAUT Deployment Report 15 working days
  • 14. The Maturity Assessment Process 14 The FAUT deployment report will contain: Languages and use cases suitable for deployment based on quality like evaluation criteria Detailed Reports: content-type deep dive, timeline and milestones for deployment, and investment requirement to meet minimum quality criteria
  • 15. Case Study Fully automated translation for user reviews 14 languages Thousands of reviews translated each week 2 Billion per month and rising Increase in site hits, dwell times, page views, foreign language contributions, SEO
  • 16. Case Study Fully automated translation for knowledge base content 10 languages, accessible through RightNow 25,000 Answers, 500 new Answers/month Transformed costs and timeline to build and improve customer service
  • 17. Case Study LivePerson integration being deployed in multiple companies, particularly in HiTech Local agents become global resources Improve out of hours coverage Increase call deflection
  • 18. Thank You!
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