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  • Machine Learning for StartupsPanel Moderated by:

    Ryan Merket, Amazon

  • About your Moderator

    Ryan Merket

    Startups at Amazon AWS

    Previously Head of Ads Products

    at Reddit, early Facebook

    Platform team, and CEO and

    Founder of Appstores (acquired by


    Ryan has been leading internal

    efforts at Amazon for educating

    startups on AI / machine learning

    and would love to share the

    information with the SXSW!

  • Overview

    Does every startup need machine

    learning to be successful?

    What are the most cost effective ways to

    integrate machine learning into your


    What are some ways startups can

    leverage machine learning without

    having to hire a PHD or ML specialist?

  • Potential Speakers

    ML experts who have founded their own startups

    Startup founders who have integrated ML intro their


    AI/ML industry leaders

    ML cloud architects and engineers

  • Potential Questions

    Is machine learning for everyone? Should every startup

    be thinking about machine learning to some extent?

    Is there ever an application where it doesnt make


    What are some cost effective ways to integrate machine

    learning into my app today? How not to blow $50k in a


    What are some common pitfalls regarding machine

    learning and startups?

    Are there any AI/ML services or programs that

    startups should be aware of that exist for them to take

    advantage of?