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<ul><li><p>Machine Learning for StartupsPanel Moderated by: </p><p>Ryan Merket, Amazon</p></li><li><p>About your Moderator</p><p>Ryan Merket</p><p>Startups at Amazon AWS</p><p>Previously Head of Ads Products </p><p>at Reddit, early Facebook </p><p>Platform team, and CEO and </p><p>Founder of Appstores (acquired by </p><p>InMobi). </p><p>Ryan has been leading internal </p><p>efforts at Amazon for educating </p><p>startups on AI / machine learning </p><p>and would love to share the </p><p>information with the SXSW! </p></li><li><p>Overview</p><p> Does every startup need machine </p><p>learning to be successful? </p><p> What are the most cost effective ways to </p><p>integrate machine learning into your </p><p>business?</p><p> What are some ways startups can </p><p>leverage machine learning without </p><p>having to hire a PHD or ML specialist?</p></li><li><p>Potential Speakers</p><p> ML experts who have founded their own startups</p><p> Startup founders who have integrated ML intro their </p><p>stack</p><p> AI/ML industry leaders</p><p> ML cloud architects and engineers</p></li><li><p>Potential Questions</p><p> Is machine learning for everyone? Should every startup </p><p>be thinking about machine learning to some extent?</p><p> Is there ever an application where it doesnt make </p><p>sense?</p><p> What are some cost effective ways to integrate machine </p><p>learning into my app today? How not to blow $50k in a </p><p>weekend?</p><p> What are some common pitfalls regarding machine </p><p>learning and startups?</p><p> Are there any AI/ML services or programs that </p><p>startups should be aware of that exist for them to take </p><p>advantage of?</p></li></ul>