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Machine learning

Machine learning & azure ML services Data Science Group Leader, Software Architect @ AltexSoft .NET , Software Architect, Project LeadKharkov AI club Machine Learning, ML ML-Supervised Learning workflowML .NET Azure ML ServicesAzure ML demomachine learningField of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed

Arthur Samuel


ml , , .. , , Supervised LearningSemi-supervised LearningUnsupervised LearningHybrid (Supervised + Unsupervised)Reinforcement LearningOnline Learning

() , 7Supervised learning (input, correct output)

unSupervised learning (input, ???)

Reinforcement learning AI

Supervised learningUnsupervised learning () k-means Collaborative Filtering

Y = b0+b1x1+b2x2++bkxkY = b0+b1x+b2x2+b3x3

Decision tree / random forest .



Collaborative filteringUser-based recommendation:

Supervised learning workflowData analysis and preprocessing (cleaning, transformation)Feature engineering (new, correlated)Fit selected model (training data)Evaluate model (test data, choose error type)Change data, algorithm and model parameters until satisfiedUse model for predictionsGeneralization vs. memorizationOverfitting features of the model that arise from relations that are in the training data, but not representative of the general population.

Bias-variance tradeoff

Validation / cross-validationValidation:60%/40%50%/50%80%/20%

Cross-validation:K-fold CVLeave-one-out CVClassification Errors

ML .nET Infer.NET (MS Research) Accord.NET AForge Numl Math.NET Numerics Azure ML ServicesAzure ml servicesCloud-based predictive analytics from Microsoft

ML StudioBuilt-in data preprocessing and ML algorithmsIntegration with Azure data storages and other servicesPlots for data analysisR supportFast conversion to web-service

Time for some demo - Data Science Dojo tutorials!

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